As I wrote about on Sunday, last week I was reading the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It’s an amazing book that suggests that by completing 6 habits first thing in the morning, your pretty much set up for a most productive day. The habits are:

  • Silence (meditation)
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing (journalling)

By completing these tasks, you clear your mind, think about what you goals are for the day and start with a positive mind.

I loved this idea, and my current morning routine included completing my gratitude journal and watching TED talks, so to build in more habits seemed fairly easy. I’ve adopted Shaun Achors suggestion of making it as easy as possible to complete so have added a positive affirmation app to the gratitude journal and TED apps on my tablets. Going through the suggestions I came up with the following list of affirmations to start my day with:

  1. I am healthy and happy
  2. I am good at what I do
  3. I experience joy every day
  4. I make a difference to the world
  5. I am always improving
  6. I am creative and innovative
  7. I am a brave person
  8. I am taking charge of my life
  9. I am excited about doing new things
  10. Today, I will concentrate on taking one step forward, however small
  11. I am succeeding each day
  12. Everything is under control, I can do this
  13. I am a positive resource and people want to do business with me
  14. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do
  15. I am organised and disciplined
  16. My concentration is improving every day
  17. I am focused on my goals and my values
  18. I can say no
  19. I am at peace with myself
  20. I am resourceful creative and whole

These are the 20 positive affirmations that I start the day with, but the app I chose (Positive Thinking) has many more. Choose the ones the most reflect where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

I’d love to hear what positive affirmations you use, so post them as a comment below.

Take care for now

Karen x

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