Apologies, it’s near the end of May and I’m only getting down to update my success bank. It’s been a crazy couple of months, so I’ll update both months if that’s ok.

Why was it challenging? Well, my Dad has spent much of the last two months in and out of hospital, and my husband had a tumour removed from his spine at the beginning of April. This meant that, for about a week, Dad was in Sligo Hospital, whilst hubby was in Dublin. Juggling visiting the pair was a challenge, as was fitting in my little ones homework!

However, even though it was a challenging month, it was only a blip. We got through and have come out the other side. I think one of the things that helped me most was the gratitude journal. When I should have been stressed out, I was actually counting my blessings, and I found that I had an awful lot to be grateful for.

Getting back to my 100 goals for the year…


I was due to go to the All-Ireland Business Summit and had also booked tickets to the What’s What Expo but was unable to attend either. I did manage to get the the Channeling Your Inner Bitch workshop, as it was before hubby’s op. It was a really great workshop and I got a lot from it. I’m a big fan of Victoria Mary Clarke and Sarah McCandliss, but together they make an amazing team.

So of the 10 goals in this area, I attended 5, missed 1 and have 4 more to look forward to. I have tickets to see Prof Brian Cox and TEDx Omagh, and the Carrick Carnival is coming up shortly. I don’t need to worry about the Christmas swim just yet!

I’m still keeping my eye out for other business events, and now have a banner so that I can book a stand if possible and affordable. Last year, I wouldn’t think of having a stall, now I’m on the look out for the opportunity. Progress.


There were no shows booked during April, however, in May I got to see Driving Miss Daisy (not on my list) and Chicago.

Of the 10 shows I wanted to see, I’ve seen 5, missed 3 and have 2 more booked. I also have tickets to see God Bless the Child in Longford next month, which wasn’t on my original list.

Having looked at Ticketmaster, there are some great shows coming to Dublin soon that I’d like to see:

  • Billy Elliot
  • The Commitments
  • Ghost the Musical
  • Sister Act
  • Rehearsal for murder
  • The beauty queen of Leenane

They’ll also be more shows locally, and there are a couple of exhibitions to see, so there are many more opportunities to see great theatre and musicals.


I’ve managed to finally see the Hunger Games trilogy. Several of the movies were on Sky, so I recorded them and then did a HG marathon!

I haven’t gotten round to seeing Spectre yet, but have it on DVD so will get round to it.

Of the 10 movies I wanted to see, I’ve seen 5, 2 will be out at the cinema later in the year and I have 1 on DVD to watch.

Self care goals

These have fallen by the wayside somewhat!

I haven’t been able to get to weight loss meetings, and my BMI is still too high. On the plus side, I’m still less than I was at the beginning of the year.

I haven’t been to Sasta in ages, and really need to get back there. I’m walking the dogs when I can, however, my fitness levels need much work!

I was going to yoga, and hope to get back next month. I did a workshop with my yoga teacher, and feel more able to practice at home. I do this each morning, along with some meditation and positive affirmations, as part of my “miracle morning” routine. I’ll go back to class next month.

I’ve found a 3 day mindfulness course that I’d like to do. It’s based in Dublin, so if I can’t get to the June dates, I’ll aim for the next session.

Sleep and early mornings are a work in progress. Some nights I do manage it, and I do find when I get up early I get much more done.

I’m hoping to book a spa day next month, when everything settles down at home.

In terms of the cinema this year, I’ve been to see:

  • Kung Fu Panda 3
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip
  • Zootopia
  • Oddball and the penguins
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Star Wars VII
  • Joy

Looking forward to June, I need to get back to Sasta and the weight loss meetings. I have so many responsibilities related to other people, I don’t have time to be ill!

Personal Growth

Whilst I don’t always get to watch a TED talk each day, and have to catch up with blogging about the ones I have seen, I have been watching most days. However, in terms of reading, I have read loads, not always personal development books, but books by my favourite authors. The books I find I enjoy most, seem to be those by TED speakers!

I love getting messages from the universe, and keep an eye out each morning.

Still working on Brene Brown’s course, however, I found that much was covered in my Life Coaching course.

Whilst I joined the local Toastmasters, I haven’t been able to get to meetings recently and they are now closed for the summer. I haven’t been able to get the the Professional Speakers Association meetings, and the next one is this weekend, however, caring responsibilities take priority.

Decluttering: I’ve made huge inroads into decluttering my home, and enjoy finding the right home for my unwanted things. I’ve completely decluttered my wardrobe and books, my lounge, kitchen and cleared the downstairs bedroom so that my Dad could use it. We’re aiming to finish this once we have completed on the house we’re looking to buy. This will mean that much of the duplicate stuff we brought over from the UK will have it’s own home. This will also release space so that we can properly organise what we have left at home.


I’m keeping the travel goals for the summer holidays, so watch this space!


I joined the Quality Coaching Circle, but have had to miss the last 2 meetings. I still need to join the irish Coaching Association. Must do that next week.

I still work with my own Life Coach, and we meet monthly, with weekly accountability/nagging chats.

In terms of my biz:

  • I’ve set up a couple of e-learning courses on my website, and want to have a full range, with a premium range that includes videos. This is part of my 90 day plan
  • I published my book on Amazon, and at one stage it was in the top 10 for it’s niche
  • I’ve set up a YouTube channel but need to be posting more videos there
  • I completed the visibility challenge earlier in the year, and I have been blogging pretty much each Wednesday
  • My email list needs work, so I need to think more carefully about my ideal client, what she looks like and what her problems/fears/goals are. That way, I can create a more appealing opt-in.

In addition to this, an opportunity to be part of a TV programme on home improvement came up. A couple of people pointed this out to me and I did apply for the post. I  had a telephone interview but didn’t make it to the screen test stage. Before my Life Coaching course, I would never had dreamed of applying for something like this. Now, it’s something I watch out for.

I’m also setting myself some new goals for my business:

  • develop a podcast
  • develop a Blab show or webinar series
  • use Facebook live
  • develop an online decluttering + coaching programme, possibly called “Clear the C.R.A.P.”
  • develop a coaching programme around decluttering your life, possibly called “Prioritising Me”
  • writing a new book  about my philosophy: “Have less. Do less. BE more. Cut the crap to get the life you want”

With my son

With everything going on, I’ve made it a point to spend some 1:1 time with him each day after school. We’ve been to the cinema a lot together and it’s something we both enjoy.

So far, this year, we’ve been greyhound racing, to Dublin Zoo, seen the pantomime and magic show.

Over the summer holiday’s we can do some more baking and travel to Northern Ireland to see the Giant’s Causeway, Belfast Zoo and the Titanic experience. I’ll have to work out how we get to Chester Zoo to do the meerkat encounter, as we’re travelling by plane, not car, to my niece’s wedding reception because we can’t leave Dad on his own. But hey, I’m creative, resourceful and whole, so I can do this!

Fun goals

The last two months haven’t presented much opportunity for the fun goals, but with the summer holidays on the way, we’ll have more time. That said, I’ve still:

  • zip lined in the Bahama’s
  • played miniature golf
  • been ice skating
  • swam with a sea lion

I’m aiming to visit the Voya seaweed baths next month, and visit Legoland and Windsor castle in July when we go over for my niece’s wedding reception.

Over the summer holiday’s we can visit Tayto park and Aquazone, and I want to book in for Bodhran lessons as part of the Joe Mooney Summer School in Drumshanbo. My little one is up for surfing lessons over the summer, so need to investigate!


The last two months have been challenging, however, in spite of this I’m making progress everyday. I’m developing a more positive attitude and I’m not afraid to set new goals. I’m still not comfortable making videos, but I managed to conquer my fear of heights to go zip lining, so I just need to keep telling myself that I can do this.

Take care for now

Karen x

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