Organization: 50 Tips on How to Declutter Your House in 5 Days by Mike J. Robbins was one of a number of books on decluttering that I bought, to see what other advice is out there on the subject.

This is a short book, at only 15 pages, but then it was only £1.99 to buy! Saying that, because it’s only 15 pages long, it means that it manages to summarise much of the decluttering advice you find in other books.

It’s broken down into four sections (but this hasn’t been reflected in the formatting):

  • organizing your home like a pro
  • boosting the process of decluttering
  • 50 tips to declutter your home in 5 days
  • decluttering benefits

Personally, I found that it did what it said it would do in that it did provide you with 50 tips, however, it comes off like a really long blog post, and may well have been four blog posts that have been combined to make a book.

My other criticism is that I would have preferred to have read about the benefits of decluttering at the beginning of the book. If you’ve put the book down, and decluttering, you’ll have already seen the benefits, and if you needed a push, reading the benefits earlier would have been to motivation to give it a go.

Overall, I did like this book, it was well written, even if the formatting could have been better, and it was easy to read. However, I wouldn’t recommend buying it. There are many free blog posts out there that cover similar information in a similar way.

Take care for now

Karen x

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