decluttering day 10

Decluttering day 10

One of the key premises of essentialism is that you focus your time and energy to what is important. The things that are important are those that advance your life’s purpose, your goals and your values.

Facebook is one of those things that can be draining on your time. However, it is still a useful tool for marketing. In decluttering my Facebook account, I’ll be looking at four areas:

  • Friends
  • People I follow
  • Lists that I follow
  • Pages that I like
  • Pages that I administer
  • Groups that I’m a member of

Facebook friends

In the friends section you can:

  • view the people and lists that you follow
  • un-friend people

I no longer follow other people, and have unfollowed any lists and deleted those that I created. I’ve moved some people that I don’t know  well to the restricted list.

Facebook pages

I follow a large number of pages so it will take time to declutter these and focus on the pages that I’m interested in.

In addition there are a number of old pages that have been unpublished,  so I’m going to delete those, whilst I can remove myself as page administration from those pages that i no longer need to support.

Facebook groups

Over the years I’ve joined a number of groups, and set up a couple.

I’ve removed myself from those groups that are inactive and am only going to stay with a couple of groups that can assist with personal or business growth.


In the past couple of years my Facebook account has grown so by pruning back the dead wood, so to speak, I can focus my time on what is essential.

In due course I’ll review my other social media accounts and apps and prune them down to more manageable  levels.

Take care for now

Karen x

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