How to get started with TwitterI have to admit I am a big fan of Twitter.  There are a number of reasons for this, and I set out some in the 10 reasons why businesses should be on Twitter post. This post is about how to get started with Twitter. So let’s get started:1. Create an account.

This is easy.  You just need an e-mail address. The address to create an account is:

How to get started with Twitter

  • Click on [Sign up for Twitter]
How to get started with Twitter

Complete the form above and click on [Create my account]Once you have confirmed your account, you can start by setting up your account details.

2. Set up your Profile

  • Go into [Settings]:
How to get started with Twitter

  • Then click on [Profile]
How to get started with Twitter

Complete the screen:

  • Upload a Photo – either a photo or company logo.  NB This will be used as your image next to t
  • Upload a Header image
  • Enter your name – this will appear on all your posts
  • Enter a location – this will show up on your profile
  • Add your website
  • Add a bio – this can be up to 160 characters
  • Facebook.  You can link your Facebook page to your Twitter account here.
  • Click on [Save Changes]

My profile looks like this when saved:

How to get started with Twitter

3. Set up your background design. Go into settings and click on Design:

  • choose either a premade theme or upload a custom-made image.
  • Click on [Save Changes]
4.  Search for followers

  1. Twitter will suggest some people to follow.
  2. Use the search or #Discover facilities to search for people to follow.  Enter a keyword related to your industry.
  3. If you are a small business based in Ireland, then I strongly suggest that you search for “#smecommunity”and then follow the group members.
  4. Once you have found a good person to follow, check out who they follow and who follows them

5. Start Tweeting

Tweets should be no more than 140 characters long, but if you include URL links, then these will be shortened.

  • # will highlight keywords and make them more searchable e.g. #smecommunity, #irebiz
  • @ will mention another twitter user

6.  Have fun

Twitter is fun and if you don’t have fun using it, then what’s the point?!  Once you get to grips with sending out tweets, you can look at more advanced

If this has helped you, or you have an idea for a “How to…” post, then I’d love to hear about it.

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