Job hunting is a skill, and like any skill, there are tools for the job. The tools that a Job Magnet needs include a LinkedIn profile, a resume that leads to an interview, and interview skills that lead to the job.

For this reason, I’ve developed my very own Job Magnets Toolkit containing:

  • Keyword lists
  • Résumé templates
  • Cover letter samples
  • My interview skills workbook
  • My 30 day job seeker challenge available via Amazon 
  • My Mastering LinkedIn ebook available vis BookBoon
  • My blog, especially those under the Job Magnets category
  • My Pinterest boards on everything job hunting
  • My Tagboard with tweets using the #jobfairy.

In addition, I’ve compiled some useful links for veterans transitioning into civilian life.

Keyword lists

Visit the keyword lists page

Free Résumé templates

Free cover letter samples

Visit Cover Letters pages

Free interview skills workbook

A job interview is the last hurdle between you and the job you want, so it pays to be prepared.

This free 28 page workbook takes you through my 5 step process to interview success.

Available via BookBoon

Did you know that in 2012:

– 93% of recruiters used LinkedIn to recruit for permanent and temporary jobs

– 77% of all job openings were posted on LinkedIn and 48% were ONLY posted there

This means that if you are looking for work, then you need to leverage the power of LinkedIn. But, like any computer application, using it well is part art, part science. This free eBook will:

– Teach you how to set up and optimise your LinkedIn profile – your online CV.

– Show you 11 ways or places that you can find new contacts. This will help you strategically build up a network of contacts at the companies that you are interested in working for.

– Show you 5 places on LinkedIn where you can find jobs.

– Show you how to set up email alerts for jobs, so that you hear about them as early as possible.

– Provide you with a simple checklist to sure make that you have everything covered.

This book doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your ideal job, that’s up to you, but it will help you in your quest to find it!

Available via Amazon

My 30 day challange is available to buy from Amazon. If you use Kindle Unlimited, then you can read it for free…

Over 30 days you’ll develop a range of skills that will help you to get the job that you want:
• resume writing skills
• personal branding
• where to find jobs
• using LinkedIn
• cover letters
• preparing for interview.

Everything you need to get a job in the current market.

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