Keyword lists

Keyword lists

Keyword lists for resumes

Keywords for resumes

When you’re writing a resume it really helps to have the right keywords. Keywords are the industry-specific terms, jargon, buzzwords etc. They can also be terms used by recruiters to use when searching for potential candidates online, or for screening resumes received to ensure that they mean the key requirements of the role posted.

When preparing a tailored resume have a look at the following areas in the job description to identify the keywords use by the company that you are applying to work for:

  • Degrees for example BA, BSc, MA, MBA
  • Industry Certifications for example Oracle DBA,
  • Job Titles for example Social Media Trainer, Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Job Functions e.g. Accountancy, Administrative
  • Computer Applications for example Microsoft applications such as Visio, Project
  • Industry-Specific Terms and Programs for example PRINCE2, PMI
  • Employer or School Names
  • Hard Skills such as profit and loss account, project management
  • Soft Skills such as customer-facing skills, team player

I have prepared a number of industry-specific keyword lists that you can view via the links below:

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