As you may know, at the beginning of this year, I set myself 100 goals to complete. This post on my March success bank not only reviews my progress in meeting those goals, but also what other successes I’ve been able to bank. These include honouring my values. Here goes.

Events to go to

This year, so far, I’ve seen my hero Cmdr Chris Hadfield, the spectacular Angela Lansbury, attended a TEDx talk and a friends 50th birthday party. The “Channeling your inner bitch” event was moved to next Sunday, and there were no other events that I’d planned to go to this month.

Not on my list was the Irish Women in Business event for International Women’s Day, and Meet Up’s with Yasmin Vorajee. I’ve also booked to go to the What’s what business expo in April.

Shows to see

I’ve seen Big Maggie, Of Mice and Men, Blithe Spirit and Handel’s Messiah at St Mel’s Cathedral. I missed “The night Joe Dolan’s car broke down” and didn’t get to see “The cripple of Inishmaan” because my Dad was admitted to hospital, and I was exhausted travelling up and down to hospital each day to visit him. Cats, I chose not to see.

I’ve booked to see “Driving Miss Daisy”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Lord of the Dance”, and will keep an eye out for other local theatre shows and musicals to see during the year.

Movies to watch

Of the movies on my list, I’ve seen: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Joy and The Hunger Games.

I’ve also seen Alvin and The Chipmonks:Road Chip, Oddball and the penguins and Kung Fu Panda 3.

Self care goals

As a mum, carer and Life Coach, I’m stretched pretty thin, so self care for me is really important. I’m been able to visit the cinema and do my yoga classes, however, getting to weight loss and exercise classes have been challenging with Dad being in hospital.

I’m getting a good night’s sleep most nights, but I still haven’t gotten into the routine of getting up early. When I do, it’s usually because I’ve been woken up by something, and can’t get back to sleep, which isn’t so good, as it leaves me drained later in the day.

My better half is booked in for surgery next month, so once he’s feeling better, I’m going to book myself in for a spa day. I’ll need it, just to re-charge and re-energise.

I’ve also realised this month, that I’ve started the menopause. Oh joy!

Personal growth goals

I’ve actually developed some good habits in the last 3 months:

  • taking my medication first thing
  • completing a gratitude journal
  • watching a TED talk each day
  • having breakfast each morning, usually porridge

I wasn’t able to get to Toastmasters this month, but I plan to work on my first speech as soon as possible. Next month will also be the first time that I’ll be able to go to the Professional Speakers Association meeting.

I haven’t really gotten into Brene Brown’s e-course, so need to work on this in April.

I’m still working on decluttering my home. I’ve noticed that it is getting much brighter, and easier to maintain. However, with my better half needing surgery, I need to finish up and spring clean my home. Because of where the surgery is, an infection could potentially lead to meningitis, so we’re getting a professional company to clean the house for the month of April.

Travel goals

This year I wanted to see more of Ireland, and had planned to see many of the places around Dublin as part of the centenary celebrations, however, with Dad being ill, that wasn’t possible.

There is a viking tour and a 1916 bus tour that I’d like to do some time in the summer holidays.

Business coaching goals

I was able to attend the Quality Coaching Circle events in January and February, however, again because of Dad being ill, I wasn’t able to get to this month’s event.

I still meet my own life coach, and she keeps me balanced and focused on my goals.

I’ve set up e-courses for decluttering your wardrobe, bedroom and books, and have use the course material for the wardrobe decluttering book. I’ve also set up a Youtube channel and completed the visibility challenge.

In addition to this, I’ve also been on radio twice. One was a telephone interview, the other was being a guest on a live show. The live show wasn’t daunting at all, and after seeing my own life coach doing a TV interview, I feel like I’m going to up my game, and set that for my next goal.

Things to do with my son

I’m really conscious that with my Dad’s health deteriorating, my sons needs are neglected at times, so I need to make a special effort to have one to one time with him. After school, we go to the local cafe, have hot chocolate together and catch up, however, over the Easter break, we weren’t able to spend as much time together as I would like. Fortunately, he has friends to play with and he got a new bike after outgrowing the last one. 

We’ve seen a pantomime, a magic show and been greyhound racing several times. We’ve also been to the cinema 3 times this year and have really enjoyed it. It’s our special time together.

Fun goals

As part of the caribean cruise, I was able to go ice skating, zip-lining, play mini golf, interact with a sea lion and see several shows.

Since then, most of my fun has been around visiting the cinema and seeing shows. I could only watch a St Patrick’s day parade on tv, as I had to visit my Dad in hospital and was tired from the day before, waiting to get him admitted.


The aim of a success bank is to remember past successes in order to build on them. When I saw my life coach, I mentioned that I was beating myself up about all the things I hadn’t been able to do, because I had been running around doing other things. I realised how busy I was, but what I was doing was important to me, because my core values are around family, kindness and compassion. By caring for my Dad, making time for my son and ensuring our home will be safe for my husband when he comes home after surgery, I am honouring those values, and that it was is truly important to me.

That’s my progress this year.

How did you get on?

Take care for now

Karen x

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