Save time scheduling posts using Buffer and Pinterest

Save time scheduling posts using Buffer and Pinterest

One thing that I’ve learned from being a member of Yasmin Vorajee’s Momentum Circle is that you need to be consistent in your business, and that includes posting regular updates to all your social media accounts. The only problem is, I work around school hours and carer duties, so don’t just have tiny time for my business, I have teeny tiny time! So when I discovered this quick of how you can save time scheduling posts using Buffer and Pinterest, I had to share.

Buffer for scheduling posts

I use Bufferapp to schedule my posts. There are other applications such as Hootsuite etc that do the same thing, but I use Buffer. It allows me to:

  • set the number of posts that I want to schedule to each social media channel
  • set the time of day the posts should be sent out
  • post them automatically

This allows me to be post consistently. I still need to check my accounts and respond to comments, retweets etc, but I can start the week knowing that during the week, my social media accounts will be filled with useful content.

Pinterest account for bookmarking content

I also have a Pinterest account. Pinterest is a great place to bookmark your content. You can create boards that you pin content to, saving useful content that you can use later. All content is saved via an image on the website, so it is essential that any blog post has an image that you can use to save the post on Pinterest.

I have lots of different boards, for both personal and business use. I have set up different boards for job hunting tips, interviews etc. I also have one for my blog. When I come across interesting content from other websites, I add them to the relevant board.

Buffer + Pinterest = quick and easy scheduling of posts

Recently, Buffer added the ability to connect your Pinterest account to your Buffer account. Whilst you can post to Pinterest from Buffer, I don’t. But what the integration between the two applications does do, is allow you to load and schedule your posts by clicking on the buffer icon on the pin. The implications are huge.

By creating a Pinterest board with all my content: blog posts, ebooks and e-learning courses, I have everything in the one place. Next, when I’m looking to load content onto Buffer, I just need to visit that board and click on the Buffer icon on the pin. Buffer then loads that pin, adding it to the schedule. It’s that easy.

I don’t know how much time you spend each week planning your social media content, but this method has saved me a huge amount of time. And because I’m posting regularly and consistently, then I can see, especially on LinkedIn, that the number of profile views and invitations to connect has increased.

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