The Wheel of Interview Preparedness

The Wheel of Interview Preparedness

It’s funny how an idea comes together. I’ve been working on an interview skills workbook for my Get That Job challengers, and then last week, when I attended a career coaching course, I came across the Wheel of Career Success and the Wheel of Confidence, and it struck me that a Wheel of Interview Preparedness might be useful. Just to make sure, I wasn’t re-inventing the wheel (sorry, couldn’t resist!) I Googled this, to make sure no-one else had come up with this, and to my knowledge, no-one has. So what is it?

Well, each section covers one part of a pre-interview checklist that you can use to prepare for a job interview. Grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on how ready you are for each section, and then mark it on the circle in the relevant section. Then working from the inside out, colour in a section of the wheel that represents that grade. You now have a pictorial image of how prepared you feel for an interview.

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The sections are made up of the following:

  • Personal grooming. Have you had a shower, washed your hair, had a manicure etc. Is your grooming reflective of the organisation that you are being interviewed for?
  • Outfit. Have you chosen an outfit appropriate for the job? Is it clean and pressed? Are your shoes polished?
  • Job post. Have you reviewed the job post? My workbook includes a worksheet to help you analyse the job post and see where you meet the criteria.
  • The company. Have you researched the company? Again, my workbook includes a printable worksheet that use can use.
  • When and where? Do you know where and when the interview is being held? Do you need to bring anything?
  • Your handshake. It may seem ridiculous, but many candidates are hired because they make a good impression at the start of the interview, and one of the factors that influences interviewers either consciously or unconsciously, is your handshake. For more information, check out this page.
  • Questions you’ll be asked. Are you prepared to answer general questions about yourself, your career and how you will fit into the role? Have you practiced your answers?
  • Questions you can ask. People forget that an interview is a two-way street, in that you should be interviewing the organisation as much as they are interviewing you. Always have a few questions that you can ask, either to know more about the company, your job or whether you’d actually want to work there.

My workbook will always be a free download. You can access it by visiting this page on my website.

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