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Helping you publish your own range of books, for your business, for yourself or for the fun of it!

Publish your own book in 2021!

Is your dream to write a book?

Do you have an idea for one that’s itching to get out?

Do you know what you want to write but just need help with:

  • formatting it
  • publishing it
  • launching it?

Then I have good news for you. I’m here to help and I have a spot available that might suit you.

Who am I?

I’m Karen Brown, a trained life coach and bio energy therapist and author of nearly 100 books published on Amazon and via

I’ve worked with clients like you and helped them publish their book. I’m an expert on Microsoft Word and so can convert pretty much any book structure that you can map out on paper into a page. I’ve published notebooks, journals, planners and habit trackers and have helped clients to publish their memoir, journals, planners and activity books.

I’ve also been involved in publishing some books for charity, and for each client I work with, I help another entrepreneur via Kiva. You can view my Kiva page here.

What Bernie said:

If you have ever had the slightest interest in writing a book and not sure where to start then I thoroughly recommend Karen Brown.

It was a wish of mine for years to pass my knowledge on to others by writing a book but I had no idea where to start so just put it to the back of my mind.

I was introduced to Karen at the beginning of 2020 and she encouraged me to believe in myself and my ideas that it didn’t take long for the 1st draft of Breathe and Bloom with Bernie to be written.

Karen took all the stress out of it and I was able focus on just the writing as I knew I had the support I needed and didn’t need to worry about the final product.

I am so proud of myself now as I have an amazing book that’s not only a 13 week journal but will become a workbook with a course with it in the future which was also an idea of Karens.

Even though the book has been published, Karen is still supporting me with ideas for marketing and I know we will definitely work together again in the future.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for coaches, consultants, holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs who’d like to publish a book and are willing to put in the work needed to get it written, create their author platform and launch their book in 6 months.

It’s going to be intensive.

Not only will you be writing your book, but you’ll also be building up author platform, especially your email list so that as we approach launch date, you have people eager to buy your book when it’s released.

So where I come in?

I create the structure and layout of your book so that you can focus on the content.

I’m also in the background helping you work on your mindset and the logistics of getting your book ready to publish. In my vault, you’ll also find planners, checklists and training to support you in your journey. I’ve been collating loads of resources so that you have everything you need to get you off to a flying start.

Who it isn’t for?

The program isn’t for you if you are:

  • someone who isn’t prepared to take action
  • someone who makes excuses on why things weren’t done
  • not prepared to do the work
  • not prepared to promote and sell your book.

My goal for your book is for it to be a bestseller in it’s niche. In order to do that, you need to have your ducks in a row before your launch your book. For that to happen, you need to to follow best practice when launching your book. 

What Faye said:

After starting to do a bit of blogging on Facebook, Karen reached out to me as she saw merit in my writing. Literally within a month, I had a website, a blog, and was self-publishing me debut book. I wrote the material, but Karen brought it to life.

Karen has been a pleasure to work with and always brings out the best in me, helping me to reach my full potential. She is more than just a life coach. She has the ability to help you recognise and order your goals but also the skill set to help you fulfil your goals.

Karen helped me fill a void and is continuing to help me grow and explore new roads I didn’t even know where there.

I’m really happy to have Karen working with me, but also as a friend.

What’s included?

I’ve created this program to help you not just write your book, but also publish and launch it with the aim of getting your book into the bestseller lists.

So how are we going to do this? Included in this program you’ll get:

  • Structure and layout of your main book. Value up to €1497
  • Structure and layout of 2 secondary books: your branded notebook and journal. Value up to €1497
  • Convert your book to ebook where appropriate. Value = €597
  • 7 x 1:1 coaching sessions via zoom. Value €1050
  • 6 Months unlimited support via email or messenger. Value = priceless.
  • Zoom call to set up your author account on Amazon and IngramSpark. Value = €350.
  • 1 x ISBN for use with IngramSpark. Value up to €100
  • Zoom call to set up your author central pages on and = €147.

The total value of this package is over €5000.

Your cost? Just €3497, saving you well over €1500!

Not only do you get your book formatted, but you get 6 months support whilst we do it!

You can pay it all in one go or you can pay it via 12 monthly payments of €300 per month, (Total payment = €3600).

What Melissa said:

I was speaking with my amazing website designer Teri Morris who runs Impulse Hub in Ireland that has created a beautiful, professional website for me, about writing a book and I needed a person to coach me in publishing it. She highly recommended the wonderful Karen Brown who lives in Ireland. Her expertise is in coaching and enabling people to publish their own books. Her creativity shines through as she produces many ideas on how to do things and her coaching skills are fabulous. She has guided and encouraged me with my work. She has helped bring my book to fruition, without her this would not have been possible. For this, I am truly grateful, she came into my life at a time when I needed her. The Angels helped this happen and she is an Earth Angel. I would highly recommend all of her own books and work on Amazon. I pay a tribute to my coach Karen Brown who helped publish this book and who has made all of this possible for me.

Rainbow Messages from the Angels of Light

Why should you sign up?

This is something that you’ve been dreaming of for ages and yet haven’t acted on it. Now is your time. With a bit of help and support you can do this.

We start whenever you’re ready, and work over 3 – 4 months to get your book ready for publishing.

Each week we’ll touch base and I’ll update you on your books progress. In the meantime, you’ll be building your author platform (your website, social media accounts and email list) and getting ready for your launch. You’ll also be researching your target market and building up your email list.

Not only do you get to make your dream come true, you also get to do it with the support of an experienced author.

How do you sign up?

I can only work with 6 people at a time, so to make sure that we have the right chemistry, let’s chat. I can get a feel for what kind of book you want to write and whether it’s something that I can actually help with.

If I can’t help you, I can probably recommend someone who would be a better fit for you.

Book your call now and take the first step to making your dream come true.