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Life and Executive Coach

I qualified as a Life and Executive Coach after completing a 6-month diploma course in Dublin. As part of the course, I learnt about a range of coaching tools and how to use them. I use these techniques to help authors publish their own books.

What the heck IS coaching?

The best definition of coaching I’ve come across is by Marie Forleo who said that “coaching is about creating your future”.

To do this, we look at where you are now, where you want to be and how we get you there.

Coaching is much like consulting, counselling and mentoring, in that they all involve conversations. The difference is that:

  • coaching is focused on the present and the future: where you are and where you want to be. Your coach then acts as your compass, keeping you on the right track, helping you find out where you are if you’ve gone off track, and helping you focus on your goals.
  • your coach focuses on your agenda. You get to decide what you want to focus on each session. You are creative, resourceful and whole and as such, are capable of taking responsibility for your own actions.
  • your coach always has your best interests at heart, but ultimately, you are always the expert on you and your life. Only you know what is best for yourself.

If it’s just talking, why not talk to a friend?

You could do, but sometimes your friends are more interested in keeping you within their comfort zone, rather than see you develop and strike out on your own.

Some friends may not have your ambition to be better than you are, and may not be as creative as you in wanting to publish a book.

Some friends may even come out and say: “who do you think you are? You’re not smart enough, creative enough, or…” fill in your own phrase.

My point is, is that I know that you are more than capable. My job is to help you step out of your comfort zone, widening it and helping you to grow into the person you are capable of being.

You are good enough.                                                                                                               

What you can expect to get from your coaching with Karen

Growth – you’re going through a hell of a time, and it will change you, but that can be for the better. As you start to heal, you may find a way of coming to terms with your loss that makes you stronger, more empathetic and kinder.

Clarity – to be able to move forward, you need to understand where you are now in terms of your grief. This will help you get a handle on how much time and healing you’re going to need to get through. This will help you be kinder to yourself, and more forgiving of others.

Change – there is no two ways about it, your loss will change you, but how that works depends on you. You can stay angry and hurt or you can move forward, heal and turn your pain into something more. I’m here to help you make that change and heal your battered spirit.

Focus – as you start to heal, you’ll start to feel able to take on more things. We’ll start to discover what’s important to you as you go forward, what you’d like to achieve and why. Once you start to focus on the positives in your life, your healing journey will strengthen.

Boundaries – as you’re grieving you need to be very clear about what you accept from yourself and other people in terms of what is said and done. As part of your healing process, you create a rule book of how you should be treated. When you treat yourself with more compassion, and care, then the inner-voice that tells you it’s your fault, you can’t go on etc, becomes quietened.

Accountability – each time we work together we’ll set tasks and goals to help you prioritise your healing. By holding you to account, I help you focus on getting it done and moving forward. As someone who has been coached, it was this more than anything else that kept me going.

Coaching with Karen

If you’d like to learn more, and maybe have a trial coaching session, then just book a 1:1 chat with me first to ensure that we are the right fit.

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