Learn how to format your book for Amazon

In this course, I'll take you through the process that I use to format my books for both print and KDP ebooks to a professional standard.

I've published over 100 books on Amazon in both print and ebook formats.


Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Setting up your print book
Unit 1 Choosing your book size
Unit 2 Setting up your book size
Unit 3 Setting up your margins
Module 3 Choosing and adding fonts to your book
Unit 1 Choosing fonts for your book
Unit 2 Downloading your fonts
Unit 3 Installing fonts
Unit 4 Embedding fonts into your document
Module 4 The parts of your book
Unit 1 Your front matter
Unit 2 Your back matter
Unit 3 The body of your book
Unit 4 Creating the structure of your book
Module 5 Setting up styles in your book
Unit 1 Introducing styles
Unit 2 Modifying styles
Unit 3 Creating your own styles
Unit 4 Applying styles to your book
Unit 5 Inserting a table of contents
Module 6 Formatting your book
Unit 1 Inserting sections
Unit 2 Adding the section break option to your ribbon
Unit 3 Inserting page numbers
Unit 4 Inserting sub sections
Unit 5 Adding drop caps
Module 7 Saving your book
Unit 1 Saving your book
Module 8 EBooks
Unit 1 Formatting for ebooks
Unit 2 Turning an ebook into a print book
Module 9 Putting it all together
Unit 1 Wrapping things up
Unit 2 Applying what you know
Unit 3 Resources