How to publish your book

In this course, we'll go through my PUBLISH process to prepare and publish your book on Amazon, Lulu and IngramSpark.

We cover:

  • goal setting for your book
  • setting up your author platform
  • creating your first draft
  • editing and proofreading
  • book covers
  • publishing your book
  • promoting your book.


Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Courses aims and objectives
Unit 2 My 7 Step Process for Publishing your Book
Module 2 Preparation - Make sure you publish the right book
Unit 1 Your What and Why?
Unit 2 Your who?
Unit 3 Goal setting
Unit 4 What is a bestseller?
Unit 5 How to have a bestselling book
Unit 6 ISBN's
Module 3 Underpining - Building your author platform
Unit 1 Your author platform
Unit 2 Your website
Unit 3 Your social media accounts
Unit 4 Your email list
Unit 5 Funnels
Module 4 Book - Time to write your first draft
Unit 1 Your first draft
Module 5 Leave - Finding the diamond in the rough
Unit 1 Polishing your book
Unit 2 Editing your book
Unit 3 Getting help polishing your book
Unit 4 Beta readers v ARC Readers
Module 6 Image - Time to sort out your book cover
Unit 1 Book covers
Unit 2 Commissioning book covers
Module 7 Share - Time to publish your book
Unit 1 Amazon KDP - Uploading your book
Unit 2 Amazon KDP - Order proof copies
Unit 3 Amazon KDP - Updating your book - before publishing it
Unit 4 Amazon KDP - Publish your book
Unit 5 Amazon KDP - Order Author Copies
Unit 6 Amazon KDP - Updating your book after it's live
Unit 7 Amazon KDP - Your author page
Unit 8 Lulu - overview
Unit 9 Lulu - Upload your book
Unit 10 IngramSpark - overview
Unit 11 Ingram Spark - Upload your book
Unit 12 Other POD Options
Unit 13 Print run options
Unit 14 Update your ISBN
Module 8 Hype - Time to promote your book
Unit 1 Launching your book
Unit 2 Your launch team
Unit 3 Getting in the bestsellers lists
Unit 4 Creating marketing materials using Canva
Unit 5 Creating marketing materials using Bookbrush
Unit 6 Kickstarter and IndieGoGo