When you set up your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn will provide you with a URL made up of letter and numbers for your public profile.  You can the add this to documents such as your business card.  This URL can be personalised so that it looks more professional.  Here’s how  to create a personalised URL on LinkedIn:

  • Logon to LinkedIn
  • Click on [Profile] and choose [Edit Profile]

How to create a personalised URL on LinkedIn

  • Now, to the right of “Public Profile”, click on “Edit”

The screen will change and you will see the public profile options.

How to create a personalised URL on LinkedIn

  • Under “Your public profile URL” on the right-hand side, click on “Customize your public profile URL”

The following message box appears:

How to create a personalised URL on LinkedIn

  • You can now create a customised URL by typing it in e.g. your name

Note from LinkedIn: “Your custom URL must contain 5 – 30 letters or numbers. Please do not use spaces, symbols, or special characters”

  • When you have finished, click on [Set Custom URL]

You now have your own customised LinkedIn URL.

This is training session now available on You tube:

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