Benjamin Franklin famously said:

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

So it is for this reason, that day 1 of my declutter challenge is all about planning. However, before you make any plan, you need a start point and endpoint. For me, that means taking a before photo of each room, so that I can see the “here and now”, and then setting goals for each room that I’m focusing this time around.

I created my own 90 Day Decluttering Planner, so I can make use of the tools in there whilst I set about removing another layer of clutter.

As before, I’m starting with my bedroom. It’s my place of sanctuary and needs to be a place that I can relax and sleep. We did a major declutter last year and so it’s in much better shape, but it’s worthwhile taking a fresh look at the room and removing another layer.

My new vision for my bedroom is a quiet space where the surfaces are clear and easy to keep clean.

Over the next few days I plan to:

  • wash, iron and put away any clothes
  • declutter my clothes
  • clear all surfaces apart from my bedside cabinet
  • give the room a clean, including washing the carpets.
  • I’ll also put fresh bed linen on the bed.

Breaking it down:

  • each day I’ll do 1 wash and iron
  • day 2 – declutter my wardrobe
  • day 3 – declutter my dressing table
  • day 4 – declutter my chest of drawers
  • day 5 – declutter my bedside cabinet
  • day 6 – clean the room and wash the carpets
  • day 7 – wash the carpets

Later in the year, we’ll get someone in to give the whole house a fresh lick of paint, covid permitting. I have to be careful because many scents trigger my asthma, including the smell of paint!

If you’d like to take my 30-day decluttering challenge, you can access it via my email list for free, or visit my Vault, where my decluttering challenge is just one of a range of challenges, toolkits and resources available to subscribers.


Alternatively, you can buy my 90 Day Decluttering Planner via Amazon. Just click on the image.

Happy decluttering!

For me, this is about clearing away the things that no longer serve me, so that I can step into the person that I want to be in 2021.

Comment below with your own reasons for decluttering.

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Take care.

Karen x