So today is my day to declutter my wardrobe.

It’s fairly uncluttered to start with, however, the reason that I wanted to declutter my wardrobe was to update it with clothes that reflect the direction my business is growing. In the last few years, I haven’t really updated my wardrobe. I used to go shopping in Dublin with my Aunt, but since she passed away, it hasn’t been the same.

Last year I found a great shop on Facebook that caters to plus-sized women, and during the lockdown, they’ve been posting videos every day of the clothes that they have in stock. So what I want to do is declutter anything that isn’t in keeping with the image that I want to create, and then “raid the store” to update my wardrobe with beautiful, colourful clothes that are easy to wear, but look smart.

I also need to update my make up. Fortunately, the local pharmacy sells this. I just need to find things that are hypoallergenic and unscented, as synthetic scents trigger my asthma.

So that’s my day 2.

How did you get on?

Karen x

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