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email marketing for authors free course

If you are looking for your book to be distributed by a publisher, then the first thing that they will ask for is how many people are on your email list. They aren’t bothered with blog posts or social media followers, they want to know how many people you are communicating with directly via email.

In addition, if you want to self-publish your books then your email list is even more important! It will help you build up relationships with your readers, so that they are more likely to buy your next book.

So, if you’re an author without an email list or one that is small, then you really need to get started, and this is where my free 5 day course will help you.

We’ll look at the whole process from top to bottom and we’ll build a lead magnet from scratch, set up an autoresponder series of emails and a landing page to get people onto your email list.

If you’ve ever watched me deliver my “Publish a book in 5 days” challenge, you’ll know that I do these things live and give you plenty of time to ask questions.

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