With everything going on at the moment, now might be a good time for a spring clean and a declutter, so I’ve created this free 30 day declutter journal.

It comes with 101 things that you might want to declutter and has lots of writing space, allowing you to release the emotions that come up when decluttering.

There’s no email sign up, just download here:

I’ve also got a free 30 day declutter challenge if you’d like to sign up for it here.

I’ve just uploaded My 90 Day Decluttering Planner on Amazon, so it won’t be available for a week or so, but this should help tide you over.

Take care.

Join my free 30-day decluttering challenge and declutter your home a little each day for a month.

Take small daily steps and notice the big difference that decluttering makes to your home and your life.