We’ve been home schooling for a couple of years now, so whilst all the schools have been shut in the country, ours still carries on.

I was asked in a Facebook post for suggestions on keeping the kids amused so here’s some of the stuff we use/d. I also reached out to the home school community to get their suggestions.

The Khan Academy is a free online classroom with a wide range of academic subjects and age ranges. Check where you child is for a specific subject and start from there. Unfortunately, it can be a bit dry, and my son just didn’t get on with it.

Mystery Science – We love the different lessons and activities that you can try in mystery science. There was a fee, but it’s per household, so great if you have more than one child.

Kiwico – My son looks forward to these each month. They have a range of crates that they send out each month. Choose the engineering or artist route and your childs age group, then look forward to your delivery. With international postage it’s quite expensive, but we’ve made a lot of stuff we wouldn’t have.

Tynker is a place for kids to learn coding. We tried it, and was ok. But we don’t use it any more.

Minecraft is just great for helping kids learn without being obvious. 

You-Tube. My son is a visual learner and loves exploring different subjects. There’s loads of learning videos around, but there’s an awful lot of rubbish, so you need to monitor what they’re watching.

Board games and jigsaw puzzles may seem old fashioned with all the stuff you can do on the mobile phone and pc, but nothing beats getting together as a family. We love Settlers of Cataan, and some unusal cards games that my husband brought back from Essen last year.

Tinkering. One suggestion from an experience home schooling mum is to get “random parts from different things like Lego, Knex, house hold items figures, bits of wood, magnets, paper, scissors etc and challenge yourselves to create something.”

Want some fresh air, then have a look at Nature Detectives. It’s aimed at young kids, but it has things like the leaf idial where you can learn what tree a leaf belongs to.

Creative Ardagh has a Facebook group that has an art course running in the background.

 Brave Writer has made her writing tips free for today. 

There are so many things that you can do at home with your kids, so enjoy this time with them, and stay safe.