Positive Energy Creates Positive Change

Life Coaching | Bio Energy Therapy | Habit Trackers, Journals & Planners  

How do I help?

As a healer, I help you feel better, then as a life coach I help you be better.

I ask questions

By asking questions, I help you clarify where you are in life and in the grieving process, what levels of support you have and what your immediate needs are.

Only then can we create a package of care to suit your needs.

I help you identify your options

When you’re going through a loss, there is an awful lot that you can do for yourself.

But sometimes, you need some extra support, and that’s were I come in. I can help you identify what your options are and where you might find them.

I help you stay focused on your goals

Coaching is all about creating a roadmap for the future, so that you can see where you are, where you want to go, and then plot a course to get there.

As your coach, I’m your compass, helping you get back on track when you get lost.

I help you feel better

I’m trained and qualified in both Bio Energy healing and Reiki.

If you’re happy to, I start any face to face consultations with a healing treatment first. This helps you de-stress and relax. Once you’re a lot more comfortable, only then will we talk about what brought you to me.

I teach you meditation

When you try and change anything in your life, it can cause stress. By teaching you to meditate, you learn how to build relaxation into your life.

I’ll also show you how to combine qi gong with meditation so that in the morning you feel energised and at night you’re ready to relax.

I help you develop habits that help

Did you know that 40% of everything you do each day is done by habit. So what if you could build habits that will help you during your grieving process?

Choose the habits you want to build and get the help you need to make them stick. Making tiny changes each day can have a major impact on your mind and body.