This month’s success bank is a follow up on my 100 goals for 2016.

A funny thing has happened since I started my 100 goals challenge: I’ve been noticing other opportunities and embracing them. I won’t complete the 100 goals that I set myself in January, in part because they were time-based and I had other priorities at the time, like when my husband and my Dad were in hospital. So here’s where I am now:

Events to go to

Goals completed: 6/10  (1 goal missed)

To do:

  • An audience with Sir Michael Parkinson – October
  • Transform your life and business seminar – October
  • From kitchen table to building an empire -October
  • TEDx Omagh – November
  • Professor Cox – November
  • An audience with Sir Roger Moore – November
  • Christmas swim – December
  • All-Ireland Business Summit – tickets booked for 2017

No events to go to in July, and I’ve added 4 new goals. Can’t wait.

Shows to see

Goals completed: 7/10 (3 missed)

To do:

  • Billy Elliot – August
  • Megan Mullally – September
  • Rehearsal for murder – September
  • The beauty queen of Leenane – October
  • Sister Act – November
  • Ghost the musical – November
  • Big – December
  • Dirty Dancing – February 2017
  • Blood brothers – April 2017

There are a couple of other shows that I wanted to see, but I’m waiting for some more seats to be sold. I don’t like the front row so much!

Movies to watch

Goals completed: 5/10

Additional movies seen:

  • Oddball and the penguins
  • Kung Fu Panda 3
  • The good dinosaur
  • Chipmunks: The road chip
  • Zootopia
  • The secret life of pets

To see:

  • Spectre
  • Song of the Sea
  • The theory of everything
  • Being Alice
  • Storks – September/October
  • Trolls  – November
  • Fantastic beasts and where to find them – November
  • Rogue One – December
  • Sing – December

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going to the cinema with my son, and when we look at the previews, we know which films we’d like to see next.

Self-care goals

Goals achieved 3/10

The only goals I’ve completed are meditation and going to the cinema, although, I didn’t get to the cinema in June, we made up for it in July! The spa day was booked and we went, but in August.

One thing that I’ve realised is that I need to look after myself more. There’s still time to lose weight this year, and get fitter. However, I need to go back to why these goals are important to me and look at my motivation.

I’ve started writing a new ebook 101 Self-care tips for Caregivers, so I really need to step up on this one. I also need to take my own medication when I give Dad his.

I have started taking some probiotics and macca, to help with menopause symptoms. Oh joy!

Personal Growth goals

Goals achieved 1/10


I’ve watched loads of TED talks and read many letters from the universe, but just not every day

I’ve read loads of books and just haven’t kept track. I’ve read everything Barbara Freethy wrote this year, and caught up with Damian Boyd, Wendy Cartmell and Elizabeth Spann Craig’s Myrtle Clover books. I also started reading Alison Goldens Reverend Annabelle Dixon series (Think Vicar of Dibley crossed with Miss Marple – they’re great!). I’ve dipped into a lot of personal growth books too, many from TED speakers such as Adam Grant and Amy Cuddy.

I didn’t complete Brene Brown’s ecourse. I still have to option to do so, however I’m finding that I’ve applied some of the principles of wholehearted living in my life already.

I’m definitely saying yes more, but I still find it difficult to say no to unhealthy foods. How do you say no to chocolate????

Decluttering my home and life is a work in progress, and whilst I attended the Toastmasters several times, I had problems attending with Dad being in hospital. The same applies to The Professional Speakers Association.

Travel goals

Goals achieved: 0/10

These goals were intended for the summer holidays, however, my wings have been clipped a lot with Dad now living with us. He can’t be left alone, so to go away means finding someone to stay with him. We’ll try and do some day trips, and I’m looking at doing different things around Dublin with my son, for example the Viking tour and 1916 bus.

Coaching/Biz goals

Goals achieved: 7/10

I’ve written a decluttering ebook and ecourse. I completed the visibility challenge, written numerous blog posts and set up a YouTube channel.

I’ve been to several QCC events and have booked to attend the next one in August. I keep in touch with my life coach but it’s on a more informal basis as I’m working with a new business coach.

I still need to join the Irish Coaching Association, and must do that in August, and I also need to work on my email list.

Addition successes include:

  • taking part in two radio shows
  • applying to take part on a tv show
  • getting a stand up banner
  • signing up for stands at two events
  • being asked by the local networking group to provide education slots
  • being asked to do several WordPress websites for other people
  • working with an international client

Since working with my new business coach, I’ve been:

  • been getting clear on my ideal client and their needs
  • working on a new coaching package
  • working on a new email opt in.

I’ve also:

  • written a sales page which is something I’ve seen other do, but never did myself.
  • set up Timetrade to allow people to book in their coaching sessions in advance.
  • set up a form for new clients to use as part of their progress reports.

Things to do with my son

Goals achieved: 6/10

Still to do:

  • Belfast Zoo
  • See a musical comedy – Big booked for December
  • Meerkat encounter
  • Zip line in Lough Key

I don’t think my Dad could manage the trip to Belfast Zoo, so will need to get someone to stay with him, and we’ll do Belfast Zoo and the Giant’s Causeway, with possibly an overnight stay. Need to think about the logistics of going to Chester Zoo.

Fun goals

Goals achieved: 4/20

Additional successes:

  • had the 7 course taster menu at The Cottage Restaurant in Jamestown. Wow!
  • met up with friends when in the UK
  • visited Whipsnade Zoo with my father in law
  • took Day to a vintage rally

To do over summer:

  • surf lesson
  • learn the bodhran
  • visit Taytoland
  • paddleboard
  • go 10 pin bowling
  • visit the seaweed baths

Goals for later in the year

  • Dress up on Halloween
  • Visit Santa in Arigna
  • Visit Lapland – Booked
  • 5 course meal with family
  • visit a chocolate factory
  • see the Northern lights – hoping to visit Iceland, but again, it’s the logistics!

I missed the St Patrick’s day parade and we didn’t do Legoland or Windsor Castle when we went to my nieces wedding.


Of the 100 goals set, 39 out of 100 have been completed. Some goals have been missed, but far more new goals have been achieved, and even more set. I honestly don’t know what I would have done this year without these goals, but now I notice opportunities all over the place, and find myself looking at the logistics of doing new things.

I’ve also started looking at goals for 2017, although, some might get done in the next few months, for example the Reptile Zoo!

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