LinkedIn Basics - Your Home screen


Your LinkedIn account is made up of a number of different screens, as can be seen below.  Your Home screen is your first option that shows you updates from:

  • your connections e.g. new connections, jobs, posts
  • news channels that you follow
  • influencers that you follow
  • other people who have shared updates with everyone
Use these to:

  • keep up to date with what’s going on
  • share updates with you network
  • re-connect with people in your network by liking their updates, saying congratulations on the new job etc.
LinkedIn Basics - Your Home screen

As you look down the right hand side, LinkedIn let’s you see:

  • how many times you have shown up in searches
  • how many people have viewed you
  • the size of your network and how quickly it is growing
  • jobs, groups and companies that you may like or want to follow
LinkedIn Basics - Your Home screen

LinkedIn Basics - Your Home screen

How often you appear in searches is important, as it is an indicator of how well your profile is set up.  Remember, LinkedIn is computer based, so if you don’t have the right keywords and skills in your profile, then people using LinkedIn won’t be able to find you!
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