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Once you’ve done a Facebook live video, one of the things that you might want to do is download it. You can then upload it to YouTube or share it elsewhere.

Download your video from the group

To do this go to the group

Now click on [Videos] on the left hand side

You can now see all the videos posted to the group.

Click on your video.

When you do this, you can see you have [Options]

Click on this.

Now you have the option to:

  • download your video in either SD or HD format
  • edit the video
  • delete the video

Choose to download your video in HD format.

Downloading someone else’s video

This is a closed group, and you can’t share or download someone else’s video.

If you click on the options for someone else’s video, you can only report the video. I have the option to delete the video here because I am this groups administrator.

Download a video from your business page

To download your video from a business page, the process is slightly different.

On your business page, go you your videos.

Now click on one of those videos.

Because your business page is public, people can share your videos.

To download it, you need to click on the arrow at the top right hand corner.

You now see your options for your video.

I hope that you found this useful.

Don’t forget, you can ask me a question any time, just post it in the group on Facebook, or pm me.

I also hold Facebook live Techie Clinic Q&A’s on Tuesdays at 11am and Thursdays at 1pm Dublin/London time.

If you can make it, just post a question in the group. If I can’t answer the questions, I’ll try and find out for you.

Take care for now.

Karen x