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My Healing Space

When my dad was alive, we built him a room outside for his train set, so that he could enjoy it with the time he had left. Sadly, he never really got much use out of it, but after he passed away, I decided to convert it into my healing space. A room where I could offer healing, coaching and meditation classes.

It took time to clear everything out, but I’m delighted with the result.

My room has really taken shape, and I’ve started using it for:

  • bio energy therapy sessions. Your first session is half price, and if you don’t want another that’s fine.  If you’d like to book a Bio Energy Therapy appointment, click here
  • meditation classes.
  • life and bereavement coaching. I find that by starting a session with some bio energy healing and meditation, then you’re much more relaxed and ready to talk and open up about how you’re really doing. To book a session, click here.

The room will also be available to rent on an hourly basis, for similar uses. To learn more, click here. To book the room, click here