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Oracle Card Readings

I’ve been doing personal oracle card readings for several years now. My first oracle card pack was the Butterfly pack by Doreen Virtue, which I  used to do a card reading for each month of the year, as part of Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life workbook. I use this workbook every year now, to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the coming one. So far, the card readings within the workbooks been remarkably accurate, but that could just be a self-fulfilling prophesy!

You can see my card reading for 2019 below:

My Healing Space

When I created my healing space, I knew I wanted to offer card readings, so a bought a wide range of angel and oracle card packs. I now have around 15 different packs, with themes around the angels, crystals, the moon etc.

I offer free card readings as part of my Facebook groups, and at the end of energy healing sessions. You are more than welcome to join the My Positive Year group.

Booking your own reading

If you’d like your own oracle card reading, then this could be done in person at my healing space, or via Skype.

Choose the deck of cards you’d like, and ask your question. 

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