Positive Energy Creates Positive Change

Life Coaching | Bio Energy Therapy | Habit Trackers, Journals & Planners  

Price List

Life Coaching

Life Coaching with me is €150 per session or €497 for 4 sessions booked and paid for in advance.

My VIP Coaching group is €47 per month.

Bio Energy Therapy

Bio energy sessions are €50 for your first session, then €100 after.

Meditation Classes

Meditation classes run on Tuesdays evenings if there are sufficient people 

Cost €10 per person per class


My books are available viz Amazon. The prices vary depending on the site and currency.

Journal Club

Get a journal prompt a day for just €5 per month


Prices vary depending on the course itself


Coaching with Karen

If you’d like to learn more, and maybe have a trial coaching session, then just book a 1:1 chat with me first to ensure that we are the right fit.