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Helping you publish your own range of books, for your business, for yourself or for the fun of it!

Speaking and Training

I have been a trainer on and off for nearly 2 decades now, and am happy to teach others about self-publishing. 

I’ve spoken at several networking events about self-publishing, how to format a book and my journey as an entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for a speaker at your event, then please get in touch.


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What do you learn about yourself when you are at your lowest?

For Master Self Publisher Karen Brown this was when she realised, she had a choice. A pivotal moment in her life and one she is now able to tell the tale of. Some may say it took courage, Karen calls it ‘necessity’!

There is so much content in this episode! You can’t fail to be inspired by Karen. She has gone from rock bottom to now living a life where she LOVES what she does.

Are you doing what you want to do? Or are you doing what you think you are supposed to do? Living a life to please everyone else EXCEPT yourself?

In this bumper episode, Karen and I discuss how to overcome ‘people pleasing’ and how age, together with experience has ensured Karen has Unlocked Her Hidden Confidence.


“Set out and find your own journey… You have a choice... Ask yourself – Why not?"

Past Speaking Events

Business without Borders 4Sight with Sigrid de Kaste – 26th June 2021

Sigrid de Kaste is a book marketing expert from Australia and we’re teaming up to deliver a talk on “How to Write a Book for your Business and spread your Message Globally”.

I have also been a speaker at:

4N Empowering Women – From Prozac to Publishing

1N Team 1Ntegrity – 5 Things to clarify before you publish your book

Aspire Network – Training on Self-Publishing, Email Marketing, Lead Magnets, Affiliate Marketing

Networking with Lara Launder – Training on self-publishing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

The Real Networking with Mette Theilmann and Linda Hopkins. – Talk about the 5 things you should do before you put pen to paper

Network Ireland Roscommon – Member Spotlight – 3 things you must do BEFORE you start to write a book