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I wrote one or two books, and now help others do the same...

What I do

I help you publish your book and have an extensive toolkit to draw on to help you achieve your publishing goals.

book formatting with Coach Karen Brown

Book Structure and Layout

I’ve published all kinds of books in my day, and I know how to create the basic structure and layout of your book. Whether you want to publish a recipe book, a branded notebook or  a self-help workbook, I can advise you on everything from the size of your book, to your publishing options and help you find the right solution for your budget.


As a Coach my job is to help you to discover what kind of future you want for yourself and how you can get it.

Part of that may involve looking at who you need to become to be the person who has that future.

Changing isn’t easy, and our own beliefs can get in the way, so my job is also to call bullshit on those beliefs and to remind you of what you can achieve.

We’ll start setting small, achievable goals, creating wins and confidence as we expand your comfort zone and get you where you want to be. 

I help you build positive habits

Did you know that 40% of everything you do each day is done by habit. So what if you could change the habits that don’t work for you, and build new habits that do?

Choose the habits you want to build and get the help you need to make them stick. Making tiny changes each day can have a major impact on your mind and body. 


Free book templates

I’m here to make your life easier, and what could help you get you started better than a template for your book manuscript?

So, if you’d like my 2 basic book templates, then just fill in the form…