Positive Energy Creates Positive Change

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How can I help you?

I remind you that you’re not alone

I’ve been through something like what you’re going through at the moment and have been through to the other side, so I can sat with confidence that it will get better. Time, and patience, heals.

But whilst you’re going through this time, you really do need to be kind to yourself. Self compassion and self-care are so important this time, as you need all the resources you can muster to get through.

It’s also important not to shut down or shut people out. Yes, they don’t know what you’re going through, but they’re coming from a place of love and kindness, and even if they get it wrong, they are at least trying.

I help you talk it out

As a professional, you can talk to me in confidence, knowing that you won’t be judged and it won’t go anywhere, unless I’m legally obliged to disclose it.

I talk with you to work out where you are now in terms of your grief, what you’d like get from our sessions and then we work out how we can get you there. It’s very much like planning a journey. The difference being, I’ve already travelled the route and know what works and what doesn’t, and where shortcuts just take you further back.


I help you heal

I’m fully trained in bio energy healing, a type of energy healing similar to Reiki. 

As part of your consultant I take a basic history and consent to treatment. Then I work through the core healing protocols and some of the more focused ones. For example, grief is usually held within the lungs and I tend to find low energy there (it actually feels cold to me), and so I would include that protocol in the treatment.


I teach you how to meditate

When you try and change anything in your life, it can cause stress. By teaching you to meditate, you learn how to build relaxation into your life.

I’ll also show you how to combine qi gong with meditation so that in the morning you feel energised and at night you’re ready to relax.


I help you build positive habits

Did you know that 40% of everything you do each day is done by habit. So what if you could change the habits that don’t work for you, and build new habits that do?

Choose the habits you want to build and get the help you need to make them stick. Making tiny changes each day can have a major impact on your mind and body. 


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