Positive Energy Creates Positive Change

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Why choose Me?

Simple. I’ve been through much of what you’re going through and I’ve come out the other side.

I got through it and so can you

I’ve lost so much of my family it’s unreal.

In the last 10 years, I’ve lost a baby to stillbirth, and then my sister, aunts, an uncle, my mum and last year, my dad. 

And yet each day, I got up and was grateful for everything I had. I learned to forgive, heal and let go of the past, so that I could create a future worth living.

I rebuilt my life from scratch

In my 20’s I sat on the bathroom floor, crying my eyes out, wandering if this was all there is?

I had to find a way to create the life I actually wanted.

I got a divorce, changed career and bought my own home. Now I’m married to a man I love, with a child I adore. We live in a gorgeous house with 3 dogs and I get to help people like you.

I love living a purposeful life aligned to my values, beliefs and goals, and I can help you do the same.

Living a purposeful life

I was also my dad’s carer for the last few years of his life, making space in our home for him, and nursing him pretty much until the end.

So I know what it means to be exhausted, but to still have to carry on.

That’s when I started building better habits, like gratitude and kindness, and finding better ways to cope.