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How can we work together? 

In person, at The Healing Space in Dromod.

If you live nearby, then I invite you to join me at my Healing Space, in Dromod. It’s a quiet, cozy spot where you’ll be able to relax and talk freely, without the risk of being overheard. You can also take time out to heal your battered spirit. 

Coaching sessions

My coaching sessions are made up of bio energy healing, meditation, a cozy chat and finishes off with an oracle card reading if you’d like one. These sessions are very gentle, allowing you to heal first and then talk when you’re ready. We go at a pace that suits you and have the hankies ready if you need them.

I coach people around goal setting, building a life after a bereavement, creating better habits and where someone needs support around publishing their own book. 

Try a session for half price

If you’ve never had bio energy healing or coaching before then you may not know how it works or whether it would work for you. Sometimes you might not even be ready to talk and just need some healing. Either way, if you’d like to try a session for half the normal price, then book yourself in.

Via online coaching

Whilst I love working with people at my Healing Space, the reality is that I live in a very small village and the surrounding area has a very small population. This means that much of what I do is actually online.

Coaching online

Before we start, I’ll send some distance healing to you, and for paying clients only, I’ll post you some crystals with instructions on how to give yourself a crystal healing session in the comfort of your own home. I ask that you do this for about 30 minutes before our coaching session.

Using Skype, Facebook messenger or zoom, we have a face to face video chat.

We’ll identify what you’d like to work on and why, then look at the outcomes that you’d like to achieve and how you could get there. This is different for everybody, but I have a range of tools that I use and different skills that I can apply to help you get the results you want.

Let’s get to know each other first

We probably haven’t met, and you don’t really know me, so lets change that and have a cozy chat over coffee. If you’d like to work with me then great, if not, then we’ve just made friends and you can still keep in touch.

Via my books

I’m in the process of creating a range of habit trackers, journals and planners. It’s my way of helping you without breaking the bank. Each book helps you build one or more positive habits over a period of time.

So far, I’ve published the gratitude, kindness, declutter and morning routine journals. I’m in the process of writing several more, based on the Happy Habits in the Happy Habits Journal. 

If you’d like to be one of my book testers, getting a cut down, printable version of the book in exchange for some genuine feedback, then please message me via my Facebook page.

The books are great gifts for your loved ones. 

Via trials and freebies

I have a range of options that you can access for free or at a reduced cost:

  • my Facebook group focuses on supporting you through your loss. You can join for free any time.
  • you can book a call with me for free
  • you can try out bio energy healing with me. Your first session is half price at only €50
  • free downloads. I’ve developed lots of different downloads and resources over the years, and will continue to do so in the future.
  • free challenges. I’m developing 30 day challenges for each of the happy habits. Visit my freebies page to choose your first one.


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