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Find the book in your business and the business in your book!

Hi, I’m Coach Karen Brown. Welcome to my website.

If you have a business and want to take it to the next level, then we need to talk about your book.

Not only can I help you clarify, write and publish your signature book, (you know, the one that will elevate your personal and business brands), but I’ll also help you create and publish a suite of supporting books that you can use with your clients.

  • Create a workbook that supports your book and can help them take action.
  • Give them a Gratitude Journal as a thank you/welcome gift for signing up to your signature course or programme.
  • Take a branded notebook with you to networking events. Better than a business card and one that won’t get thrown away!

If you’d like to stand out from the crowd, elevate your brand and become an authority in your field, then let’s chat.


What I do

I help you to self-publish your book. My superpower is being able to format books in Word, my zone of genius is around journals, planners and habit trackers. So here are the 3 ways that I can help you become a published author.

Done by you

Done by you

You have an idea for a book and just need a little help to get started then this option is for you.

I’ve created a number of book templates where you can just fill in the content you want. Click here to see the range, and if you’d like me to make a book template for you, then get in touch.

Done with you

Done with you

I’m not only a coach, but I’ve also been a trainer for over 20 years.

My Master Self-Publishing Online platform is a pay as you go site giving you training, templates and toolkits to help you publish your book.

Alternatively, my Master Self-Publishing Professional course is a single price option and teaches you how to publish your own books, card decks and digital products.

Done for you

Done for you

If you have an idea for a book where there is a significant amount of formatting needed, or you just don’t have time to do it yourself, then this is the option for you.

I create the structure and format of your book so that you can focus on the content. I’ll also hold your hand as you upload your book up to Amazon.

My pricing is transparent, so check it out.

Who I help

Coaches and consultants

Coaches and Consultants

Having your own book boosts your credibility, and can be the basis of your signature course or programme.

Alternatively, get your workbooks professionally printed and elevate your course and your brand.


Mindfulness professionals

Mindfulness Professionals

Many mindfulness professionals advocate journaling and gratitude as tools to help their clients. Having your own branded books means that you can supply them to your clients, rather than direct them to someone else’s.



Write your own signature book and become the authority in your field. It’s also something that you can sign and sell at conferences…

Alternatively, branded notebooks are cheap to produce and make excellent gifts to clients. 

How I help

I take care of your book structure and layout so that you can focus on the content… 

book formatting with Coach Karen Brown

Manuscript to book

In less than a day, I can format most manuscripts and turn them into a book, so that they are ready to upload to Amazon.

As an expert on MS Word, and having formatted my own books, I know quite a bit about book layout and structure. So what would take me a couple of hours to sort out, might leave you scratching your head for days.

eBook to Print

If you’ve published your book as an ebook, and want to publish it as a print book, but don’t know how then I’m here to help.

I can format your book ready for print, or you can use my free templates instead, and do it yourself. 

book templates by Coach Karen Brown

Book Structure & Layout

Talk to me if the book you have in mind needs a formal structure to it, like a journal, workbook, planner, habit tracker etc. If you can plan it on paper, I can turn it into a page in Word.

If you’d like some ideas, check out my books on Amazon.  and my ready-made book templates. They can give you an idea of the options available to you.


Please note: My services are around the structure and layout of your book.

I do not formally edit or proofread your book, but can recommend people who love doing this.