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Positive Energy Creates Positive Change

Life Coaching | Bereavement Support | Bio Energy Therapy | Meditation Classes | Journals and Planners

Welcome to my website.

I’m Karen Brown, a  Life Coach and author.

As a Life Coach, I’m here to help you create the future that you want, especially if you have suffered a loss.

This is sometimes a time when change is forced upon you and you need help navigating a new path. It can be scary, but that’s why I’m here to help.

As a writer,  I’ve written a number of journals, trackers and planners to help you build what I call my Happy Habits, and achieve the goals you want to move towards the future you deserve.

If you’d like a free chat to see if I can help, then please book a coffee with me. It can be in person (if you live nearby) or over the phone. It’s non-obligatory and 90% of the time, a chat is all you need. If you need more, then we can work out how I can help.

Positive energy creates positive change

Why choose Karen?

Simple. I’ve been through much of what you’re going through and I’ve come out the other side.

I got through it and so can you

I’ve lost so much of my family it’s unreal.

In the last 10 years, I’ve lost a baby to stillbirth, and then my sister, aunts, an uncle, my mum and last year, my dad. 

And yet each day, I got up and was grateful for everything I had. I learned to forgive, heal and let go of the past, so that I could create a future worth living.

I rebuilt my life from scratch

In my 20’s I sat on the bathroom floor, crying my eyes out, wandering if this was all there is?

I had to find a way to create the life I actually wanted.

I got a divorce, changed career and bought my own home. Now I’m married to a man I love, with a child I adore. We live in a gorgeous house with 3 dogs and I get to help people like you.

I love living a purposeful life aligned to my values, beliefs and goals, and I can help you do the same.

Living a purposeful life

I was also my dad’s carer for the last few years of his life, making space in our home for him, and nursing him pretty much until the end.

So I know what it means to be exhausted, but to still have to carry on.

That’s when I started building better habits, like gratitude and kindness, and finding better ways to cope.

How do I help?

As a healer, I help you feel better, then as a life coach I help you be better.

I ask questions

By asking questions, I help you clarify where you are in life and in the grieving process, what levels of support you have and what your immediate needs are.

Only then can we create a package of care to suit your needs.

I help you identify your options

When you're going through a loss, there is an awful lot that you can do for yourself.

But sometimes, you need some extra support, and that's were I come in. I can help you identify what your options are and where you might find them.

I help you stay focused on your goals

Coaching is all about creating a roadmap for the future, so that you can see where you are, where you want to go, and then plot a course to get there.

As your coach, I'm your compass, helping you get back on track when you get lost.

I help you feel better

I'm trained and qualified in both Bio Energy healing and Reiki.

If you're happy to, I start any face to face consultations with a healing treatment first. This helps you de-stress and relax. Once you're a lot more comfortable, only then will we talk about what brought you to me.

I teach you meditation

When you try and change anything in your life, it can cause stress. By teaching you to meditate, you learn how to build relaxation into your life.

I'll also show you how to combine qi gong with meditation so that in the morning you feel energised and at night you're ready to relax.

I help you develop habits that help

Did you know that 40% of everything you do each day is done by habit. So what if you could build habits that will help you during your grieving process?

Choose the habits you want to build and get the help you need to make them stick. Making tiny changes each day can have a major impact on your mind and body. 

You've lost your child

I'm so sorry for your loss. Believe me, I've been there and I wouldn't wish the pain you're going through on anyone.

I lost my baby when she was stillborn. It was the worst thing by far to happen to me and I thought I'd never recover, but I did in time.

As a parent dealing with the loss of your child, you have very special needs, so let's talk about it and see what I can do to help.

You've lost one or both parents

I'm so sorry for your loss. Whether you've lost one or both parents, the resulting loss creates a massive change in the way things are

When I lost my mum, I became my dad's carer, and not only had to get myself through my loss, I had to support him through his.

Dealing with the loss of a parent can raise a number of issues, so if you need help, ask.

You've lost yourself

There are many types of loss, not just the loss of a loved one.

When you lose a job, your marriage or relationship falls apart, or your life changes unexpectedly, you can go through a period of mourning and grief. You're grieving the life that you lost and the expectations that went with it.

So if you want to talk to someone who has been through a range of losses including divorce, then book a call.

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