About Karen

Karen Brown is a Life Coach, Energy Healer, Trainer and Author.

She believe’s that there are certain things that are essential for a purposeful and happy life, and it’s her job to help you find your version of what that is. Her philosophy is that positive energy can help you make long term positive changes.

She does this via her books, her training courses, coaching programs and healing sessions.

Take at look at what she does, and see if she could help you be happier in 2019.

 Coaching – My Positive Year Group

My Positive Year

To support the people who bought her Positivity Planner, Karen created the My Positive Year group on Facebook.

It’s free to join.

Work with Karen


Karen is a fully qualified Life and Executive Coach, and helps people make positive changes.

Bio Energy Therapy

Karen is training as a Bio Energy Therapist and expects to qualify in April, 2019.


Crystal and angelic healing are available at the Healing Space in Dromod. 

Oracle Card Readings

Karen has been using oracle cards for around 3 years and has 15 packs for readings.

Meditation Classes

Karen runs beginner meditation classes from the Healing Space in Dromod.

My Healing Space

My Healing Space

The Healing Space is a room Karen had built to use for coaching, healing, oracle card readings and meditation sessions.

It is also available to rent on a hourly basis.

Email her to find out more or to arrange a visit.

Karen’s books

My Positive Books

Karen has published several books on Amazon, and has ideas for loads more.

Her Positivity Planner makes a great gift.

Visit Karen’s author page on Amazon to see all the books that she has published.

My 90 Day Journals

Karen is creating a series of 90 day journals for each of her Happy Habits.

My 90 Day Declutter Journal

Set goals and start decluttering your home over 13 weeks. Support group available via Facebook

My 90 Day Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is known to increase happiness after just 21 days.

Coming shortly


As part of My Positive Year, Karen is developing a range of supporting e-courses.

Positive Gifts

Karen is developing a range of gorgeous Positivity Gift boxes. Watch this space.

My Healing Shop

Karen is developing a shop where you can buy individual positivity boxes, signed copies of my book and so much more…

Blog Posts

Goals for September 2018

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