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 Life Coach

As a Life Coach, my job is to help you clarify what kind future you want to build, and then hold you accountable for meeting the goals you’ve set yourself.

I’ve also built my own website, e-courses and self-published, so I have a wide range of skills that I can draw on to support you. 

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I’ve been training for years now, and am developing workshops around:

  • goal setting
  • journaling
  • gratitude
  • book publishing

If you, your business or your school would like to learn more, then get in touch.


I’m available to speak about starting from scratch after a divorce or bereavement, setting 100 goals a year and becoming a homeschooling mum.

Bio Energy Therapist

I’m fully trained and insured to deliver this healing therapy. Similar to Reiki, Bio Energy Therapy helps to clear blocked energy so that your body can heal itself.

It’s not a cure, but it certainly leaves you feeling more relaxed and I’ve had some good results.

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The foundation of what I do is around helping you build habits that will enable you to become the very best version of yourself.

To this end, I’ve written a wide range of habit trackers, journals and planners to support you in creating an purposeful and abundant life.

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Goal Setter

Not only did I write the book on goal setting, I also set myself 100 goals each year. Some are big, some not so much, but all help me flourish in my own way.

So if there is a big goal inside you that is aching to be fulfilled, then book a coffe with Karen.


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