Hi I’m Karen Brown.

In the last few years, I took time out to care for my dad, until his passing in 2018. Now, I’m building a soul-centred new business that reflects where I am now as both a person, a life coach and healer.

My journey as a coach

I began my journey as a Life Coach in 2015, when I spent 6 months training for a Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching. As part of this journey, I read a couple of books that strongly influenced me:

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo
  • Essentialism : The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

I realised that decluttering and focusing on what was important would lead to a much simpler life. Since then, I decluttered my home. As it turns out, I was creating a space for my dad. Now I’m decluttering again but for a different reason.

Coaching has allowed me to set and achieve a wide range of goals that I wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago, and set bigger goals as a result.

This is what I’d like for my clients too. To move towards a more purposeful and happy life.

My journey as a healer

The first course I ever did in relation to healing was a course in Reiki. Little did I imagine what would happen afterwards.

Whilst I don’t practice healing as much as I would wish, I have spent the last couple of years learning about the different aspects of healing. I’ve learnt about crystal and angelic healing, trained in Reiki and I recently spent 8 months training as a Bio Energy Therapist.

I’ve found that my clients get a much better coaching experience following a bio energy healing session, combined with some crystal healing and meditation.

My journey of loss

We’ve all lost people we cared about, but the biggest loss I’ve ever faced was when my baby Emma was stillborn at 41 weeks. After a series of miscarriages, we thought we were safe when we passed the 13 week stage. It took me years to recover, to stop blaming myself for what happened and to start appreciating life again.

My son, born the following year helped, but losing my sister a year after that didn’t. Since then, I’ve lost both my parents, and so the family I was born into has gone. Fortunately, I’ve built my own family, and have my husband and son.

So if you’re looking for healing or coaching after a loss, I can empathize.

Finding joy

There were a number of tools that have helped me find joy in life again:

  • releasing stuff that no longer serves me
  • practicing gratitude
  • practicing healing
  • practicing mediation
  • reading personal development books
  • positive affirmations
  • creating vision boards to help me focus on what I want in life
  • setting goals and achieving them

Creating a Positive Business

Using my experience, and the skills I’ve learnt as a trainer, coach and healer, I wrote my own Positivity Planner, helping readers to build what I call my happy habits. These habits came out of my own grieving process and helped me find myself again.

By developing 12 happy habits over 12 months, readers can build habits that research has shown to help you be happier. This  led to a number of other ideas around the theme of positivity:

  • other books along the same theme of 12 habits in 12 months
  • other books to support the habits for example a gratitude journal
  • my healing space
  • my healing shop
  • meditation classes.

 And so this has become the foundation of my new business.

Positive Energy Creates Positive Change.

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