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Hi I’m Karen Brown.

I’m a mum in her 50’s with a gorgeous son and husband (no.2). I’ve live in a tiny village in the middle of Ireland, where when I go to the local cafe, they know me by name and can pretty much guess my order. Not quite “everyone knows your name”, but not too far off it!

Where I came from

I was born in Doncaster, in Yorkshire and my parents moved to Harrogate shortly afterwards. We lived there until I was 12, when my dad was made redundant, retrained and got a job in Devon. It was a big change, and I never really settled there.

After I left school, I got a job in a local accountancy firm. I was sacked from that job for stealing (I didn’t by the way)  but I’d been really miserable there and was already looking for a job. Fortunately, when one job finished, I immediately started the next one.

A couple of years down the line, I realised that as much as I was good with numbers, I was rubbish at the job and with a failed marriage on my hands too, I left. I stayed with my mum’s family in Ireland for a while whilst I try to work out the next step. 

As it turned out, the next step was nursing. I wanted to do a job that helped people, and I though that was it. I applied for and got into nursing, and did that for a few years, but again, as much as I loved working with people rather than numbers, I was always stressed and if I’m truthful, again I wasn’t much good at that either. It’s hard to help people when you’re dead on your feet. So when I met my now husband and we moved to a town halfway between both our families, I didn’t look for work as a nurse anymore. I did get a job working as an IT Trainer in the local NHS Trust.

This was something I was good at. 

I got to help people and at the same time make use of all the skills and knowledge I’d accumulated. And I discovered I wasn’t a one-trick pony. I could train on different computer systems and then different things altogether. 

Things changed for me in 2005, when my little girl was stillborn. As you can imagine it was devastating, and during that time, we came over to Ireland on holiday. We came across a new estate with a couple of houses left for sale. One faced a lake, and we ended up buying it as a second home. At the time, the £ to the Euro was good, and it seemed cheap to us. And then we found I was pregnant again. This time, whilst it was a fraught 9 months, our son Daniel arrived safely. 

Going back to work was hard but we needed the money, and then in 2008 my sister died suddenly. She was my best friend and we talked daily. Then she wasn’t there. I was lost.

The same year the banks crashed and suddenly everything changed. Our holiday home mortgage grew as the currency changed, and we realised that we were in trouble. We needed to sell one house but the value of the house in Ireland dropped dramatically so that was out. Then we realised that even if I didn’t work, if we sold up and moved to Ireland, it would be cheaper. My salary only covered the cost of childcare and a few bills. With only one mortgage, no council tax and no childcare, we could live off what my husband earned, and get by.

So that’s what we did.

Now nearly 10 years later, that’s where we still live.

My journey as a coach

I began my journey as a Life Coach in 2015, when I spent 6 months training for a Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching. As part of this journey, I read a couple of books that strongly influenced me:

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo
  • Essentialism : The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

My soul was crying out for a much simpler life, and these two books highlighted it.

Coaching is about creating your future, and as I’ve grown the last few years, I’ve been trying to move towards this more simpler life. 

My journey as a healer

The first course I ever did in relation to healing was a course in Reiki. Little did I imagine what would happen afterwards.

Whilst I don’t practice healing as much as I would wish, I have spent the last couple of years learning about the different aspects of healing. I’ve learnt about crystal and angelic healing, trained in Reiki and I recently spent 8 months training as a Bio Energy Therapist.

I’ve found that my clients get a much better coaching experience following a bio energy healing session, combined with some crystal healing and meditation.

My journey of loss

I’ve already talked about losing my daughter and my sister. Both were devastating, but for different reasons.

Since then, I’ve lost my mum, inherited my dad, lost several other relatives and then lost my dad in 2018, after caring for him in his final years. 

Coaching is all about creating a future for yourself, but after a loss, your perspective changes.

Thing you were sure of change, and some events have the capacity to force you to change direction. I never expected to be my dad’s carer, but I have no regrets. I did my best for him, and I know that my mum and sister were upstairs looking down, wetting themselves laughing at our antics!

Bereavement coaching is about helping others who are dealing with a loss, create a new future filled with love, creativity and purpose.

Finding joy

A funny thing happened as a dealt with each loss.

I learnt that to be happy you need to do 3 things:

  1. let go of the past
  2. live in the present
  3. create the future that you want

This is where my happy habits came from:

  • releasing the past through decluttering and forgiveness.
  • living in the present through meditation and journaling. But also through gratitude and kindness, by recognising the need for self care and making time for fun
  • creating the future by visualising it and using affirmations to make them more real. By developing new skills and by being creative. By setting new goals and working towards them.

I also discovered the power of habits.

    Creating a Positive Business

    Since losing my dad, I’ve spent time trying to discover the new direction that I was to go.

    I love helping people, so I want to use the skills I’ve build up as a trainer coach and healer.

    I also loving creating, and have found that writing has helped me in the last few years. It was something that I could do, even when I wasn’t working with clients, and whilst I’m good at the techy stuff, I don’t enjoy doing it for other people as a job. As a friend yes. But not as a business.

    So I’m moving in a new direction.

    It still hasn’t taken shape yet, but phase one was all about writing my books.

    Phase 2 is now about developing courses to help you learn more, and develop different Happy Habits. (There are also Healthy Habits and Wealthy Habits in the background, but one thing at a time!)

    Positive Energy Creates Positive Change.