One of my goals has been to create a healing space, both for myself and my clients. I’ve been using Pinterest to get lots of ideas and created a vision board for what I want it to look, feel, sound and smell like. So here are my 10 must-haves for my mediation room.

10 Must-haves for a mediation room

  1. Colour. Some of the rooms I’ve come across are very simple and very white. I love colour, so for me it’s a must. Golds, purples and cream colours seem to be what I’m drawn to. I have a fabulous tapestry to hand on one wall.
  2. Cushions. There is one common thing in each of the rooms that I love, and that’s cushions. Lots of them, scattered on the floor to create a space where you can relax in comfort. I’ve also ordered a nice pale rug.
  3. Black-out blind. The garden room is well lit, with a big window looking out, however, I’m looking to create more subdued lighting, so a blackout blind will help reduce the amount of light coming in.
  4. Candles. To create the soft lighting I’m looking for, then candles are a must. With safety in mind, I’ve got some tea light holders that can be scattered around the room.
  5. Incense. I love the smell of incense, and there are so many of them. I’ve bought lots of different types of incense that clients can use and perhaps buy later.
  6. Mediation CD’s. In a couple of weeks, i’m going on a course to become a certified mediation teacher, but in the meantime, I have a couple of mediation CDs that I can play.
  7. An indoor foundation. I love the sound of water, so I’ve sourced a gorgeous little indoor fountain.
  8. A singing bowl. Singing bowls and hand bells create relaxing sounds.
  9. Crystals. I love crystals, so will have loads of them, both for the room and to sell. I’ve sourced some chakra crystal sets to give to crystal healing clients, so that they can use it with distance healing.
  10. Plants. Adding some greenery to the room just adds a different dimension to the space, making it feel more comfortable.

I guess my room will combine a number of elements from India, Tibet and Denmark, the home of hygge.

What this space, and I’ll share photos when it’s done.

Take care for now

Karen x