I think it’s fair to say that no-one was prepared for 2020 and even though I achieved some fo the goals that I set last year, I couldn’t imagine the year we would have.

It was the year we lost my mother in law, attending her funeral via zoom. We also lost a friend, attended a wedding (again via zoom) and generally spent a lot of time at home.

Knowing what I know now, my goals for 2021 have a different spin, with loads of reading to balance my business goals.

Movies to see

Each year, I look at IMDB.com and see what’s coming so that I can choose which movies that I’d like to see. However this year, there’s actually nothing that appeals. I don’t know if it’s me or a reflection of the industry, but there’s so many sequels or re-makes of well-made movies that nothing really appeals. There doesn’t seem to be any original movies, like when Star Wars or The Matrix were first shown.

Instead, we’re going to cancel our Netflix and Sky subscriptions this year. We may even get rid of some tv’s altogether!


1 – cancel netflix

2 – cancel Sky

3 – declutter 1 tv from the house

Places to go

We had so many plans to travel the country last year and visits family and friends. Even if we have the covid vaccine, it isn’t a silver bullet. Think about the flu virus. Each year, people are given the flu vaccine because the virus itself keeps evolving. The same will happen with covid, and new variations are already being found. So for me, 2021 will be a time to explore the county I live in, when we can travel more than 5 km from home!


4 – visit Lough Key

5 – visit Parks Castle

6 – visit Glencar waterfall

7 – visit Acres lake

8 – visit the Shed Distillery

9 – afternoon tea at the Lough Rynn Castle Hotel

10 – visit Glenview Folk Museum 

11 – stay in a posh hotel

12 – have a spa day. 

Events to attend

Last year anything booked to go to in person was cancelled, so it became the year of attending online events.

In 2021, I’m not even thinking about booking theatre events as they will probably be cancelled at some point. There will still be some online events so here’s hoping! 

Reading Goals

Last year was an amazing year for reading. I read nearly 100 books, mainly cozy mysteries.

13 – read the remaining Desert Cities mysteries

14 – read the Corsaria Cove mysteries

15 – read the latest book by TE Kinsey

16 – read the latest book by JR Ellis

17 – read the latest books by Barbara Freethy

18 – read the latest Miss Underhay book

19 – read the latest Damian Boyd book

20 – read the latest Adele Abbott books

21 – read the latest Helen Cox book

22 – read the latest Julia Chapman book

23 – read the latest Caught Dead in Wyoming book

24 – read the Artists Way and work through the exercises

25 – read the latest Richard Osman book

26 – read the latest WISE agency books

27 – read the latest Dorothy Martin books

28 – read The Big Sleep

29 – read the latest Myrtle Clover book

30 – read the latest Southern Quilting mystery

31 – read the latest Village Libraries mystery

32 – reread A Town Like Alice

33 – read a book by a new author

34 – read a classic novel

35 – read a bestseller

36 – read a funny book

37 – read a book recommended by a friend

38 – read the latest Joy Ellis book

39 – read the latest Angela Marsons book

40 – read and work through Jack Canfield’s book.

Writing and publishing goals

2020 was the year I went from writer to publisher. It was an extraordinary journey that began with one act of kindness and ended with me working with over 20 fabulous ladies, helping them fulfil their dream. In 2021 I still have some ideas for products, but they are about shining a light on the possibilities for those that I work with. So in 2021, I want to:

41 – publish my own deck of gratitude cards

42 – publish my own deck of inspirational cards

43 – publish my own deck of creative inspiration cards

44 – publish my own digital notebook

45 – publish my own digital journal

46 – publish my own digital planner

47 – set up my Etsy store

48 – finish my Master Self Publishing books course

49 – finish my Master Self Publishing card decks course

50 – finish my Master Self Publishing digital products course

51 – add 100 “how to..” videos to My Vault

52 – publish my Positivity Planner for 2022

53 – publish a digital version of my Positivity Planner

54 – finish and submit my personal branding book

55 – publish an activity book

56 – help publish 30 books in 2021

57 – set up my Shopify store

58 – publish 10 printables

59 – publish a printable journal

60 – publish a printable planner

Healthy Habits

Healthy habits and me seem to have a love/hate relationship. In 2020, I had so many healthy goals but staying home all the time meant I actually put weight on instead of losing it!

In 2021, I want to find a way to turn a corner, weighing at least 1 stone less than I did in 2020. To do this I will:

61 – undertake the virtual Inca trial

62 – undertake the virtual Camino walk

63 – undertake the virtual Iceland Rong Road challenge

64 – weigh myself weekly

65 – go gluten-free for 30 days

66 – ensure that I eat 3 portions of veg a day

67 – eat at least 1 portion of fruit a day

68 – have a meat-free day once a week

69 – learn 1 healthy soup recipe

70 – find one tasty salad recipe.

Home goals

In 2020, we did a major clean up and declutter of the house. It feels so much lighter now.

71 – declutter paperwork

72 – declutter my wardrobe

73 – update my wardrobe

74 – paint the inside of the house

75 – paint the outside of the house

76 – get a gardener

77 – sort out the back garden

78 – sort out the planters in the front garden

79 – declutter the back bedroom

80 – re-organise the kitchen

Personal Development

Personal development and personal growth are the bread and butter for coaches! This year, I want to:

81 – learn how to use Photoshop

82 – improve my video editing skills

83 – learn how to do OneNote planners

84 – re-do B-School knowing what I know

85 – re-do Money Bootcamp

86 – complete the PLF

87 – improve my LinkedIn skills and grow my connections

88 – improve my networking skills to grow my Facebook friends

89 – join the PSA and improve my speaking skills

90 – improve how I use Twitter and grow my followers.

Business goals

2020 was the year that I actually had a business, so my goals for 2021 are about maintenance and growth. Ultimately, I want to have a fun business that helps others and supports my family. To do this I will:

91 – set monthly income goals

92 – set weekly goals for growing followers

93 – set weekly goals to grow my email list

94 – do a customer thank you day

95 – support 12 women via Kiva

96 – follow up on the feedback from my beta testers

97 – grow my community via Facebook groups

98 – create monthly content that supports existing and potential clients

99 – have a 10k month

100 – have a 6 figure year!


2020 was an unusual year by anyways standards, but for me it was a year where I made a huge amount of progress in a number of areas in my life. In 2021, I want it to be a year where I was able to grow my business, create a welcoming home and have some fun!