I started keeping a gratitude journal a while ago, and have found that it’s helped me stay positive during some difficult times. A gratitude journal is called different things by different people, but essentially it’s about counting your blessings and being thankful what what you have, at this moment in time.

In keeping my journal, I’ve noticed that even as I’m travelling in the car, I’m thinking about what I’m grateful for. Even when I travelled from one side of Ireland to the other, visiting both my husband and my father in the same day, I was grateful to be able to do so.

So, I’ve gone back into the app that I use and I’m going to share some of the things that I’ve been truly grateful for.

101 Things I’m grateful for

  1. I’m grateful for my husband, because he has infinite patience
  2. I’m grateful for my son, because he gives the best hugs
  3. I’m grateful that my Dad lives close by, so that I can see him everyday and make sure he’s safe
  4. I’m grateful for my dogs because they love me unconditionally
  5. I’m grateful to finish the ironing, because it was a big pile
  6. I am grateful the the Public Health Nurses are keeping an eye on my Dad, because it’s one less worry
  7. I’m grateful for the visibility challenge because it made me think about my business, what I do and why I do it
  8. I am grateful for the local theatre because they have a great range of shows to see
  9. I am grateful for the new dog groomer because she did a good job, is closer and cheaper
  10. I am grateful that the supermarket had tulips and daffodils because it brought some spring colour into the house
  11. I am grateful for my friends, because they act as cheerleaders
  12. I am grateful for the opportunity to see Angela Lansbury live because she was so inspiring and gracious
  13. I am grateful for Sandra Pilarzcyk for developing the visibility challenge because I finally did it
  14. I am grateful for Rebecca Allen’s yoga workshop because it reminded me that I can do this at home
  15. I am also grateful to Rebecca because she reminded me about painting
  16. I am grateful for the people who created TED talks because that shared knowledge is inspiring and uplifting
  17. I am grateful for Sarah McCandliss because she helps me focus on what I want to achieve and acts as a cheerleader as I develop
  18. I am grateful for World Book Day because my son got to dress up for school
  19. I am grateful for my dogs surgeon because her leg will get better
  20. I am grateful for the networking event being cancelled as I can go and watch Kung Fu Panda 3 with my son
  21. I am grateful that my dog is ok after her operation because I love her and my other dog missed her
  22. I am grateful for last nights dream because it means that I’m dreaming about being creative
  23. I am grateful for Mother’s Day because I got extra hugs from my son, and I remembered my daughter
  24. I am grateful for the anniversary Mass we held for my mum, because we got together as a family to remember her
  25. I am grateful that my aunt is unable to eat gluten, because it challenges us to find good food
  26. I am grateful that someone else cleaned my cooker because it looks good and I got to do something else
  27. I am grateful for the shark documentary because it showed me how truly passionate my son is about animal welfare
  28. I am grateful for putting 2lbs on in weight because it helps me learn how not to lose weight
  29. I am grateful for the support that I received on facebook today becuase it showed me that people care
  30. I am grateful that I know I can develop better habits because this is the road to success
  31. I am grateful for International Women’s Day because it raises the issues faced by women on a daily basis and let’s us applaud how far we’ve come
  32. I am grateful to go to the Irish Women in business event because I got to meet some amazing women who showed me what what possible
  33. I am grateful that I wasn’t abused as a child, because I don’y know if I could have survived
  34. I am grateful for Kinneden Organics because I can spend some 1:1 time with my son
  35. I am grateful for my husbands gadgets because they make him happy
  36. I am grateful for Amy Cuddy’s book because it made me realise that I have values and gifts to share with the world
  37. I am grateful for the time I had to develop the decluttering books course, because it’s important for me to complete this programme of work
  38. I am grateful for my car because it allows me to be independent
  39. I am grateful that I have developed the skills to build my own website because I’m proud of how it looks
  40. I am grateful that I told my aunt that she was wrong to tell me that I was neglecting my Dad, because I now realise that she was projecting her own feelings
  41. I am grateful for my ability to try new things because I worked out how I can develop the TED habit
  42. I am grateful for ED Masters, because his magic show was brilliant
  43. I am grateful for the slow cooker because it makes making healthy meals easier
  44. I am grateful for the shop close to my Dad because if he suddenly needs something we can drop in on the way back
  45. I am grateful for ready made meals because when I’m tired it takes less time to prepare
  46. I am grateful for the opportunity to see The Messiah at St Mel’s Cathedral because it showed me that I like choral music
  47. I am grateful for painkillers because my back was incredibly sore last night
  48. I am grateful for yoga because it’s a form of exercise that I enjoy
  49. I am grateful for my clients because I love coaching
  50. I am grateful for the slow cooker because I can prepare food in advance
  51. I am grateful for the school holidays because I get to spend some more time with my son
  52. I am grateful that my dog had her stitches out because she won’t need to wear her collar any more
  53. I am grateful for the gratitude app because it reminds me how lucky I am
  54. I am grateful for the ability to use WordPress because I was able to help a friend
  55. I am grateful for my friend because she will help me develop a podcast when I’m ready
  56. I’m grateful that my dad is in hospital because he will get the medical care he needs
  57. I am grateful for having so much that I need to declutter
  58. I ma grateful for the KonMari folding technique because my undies drawer looks great
  59. I am grateful for Lena’s Tea Rooms because their almond and pear scones are divine
  60. I am grateful for the deli bar in the petrol station because I was able to get my Dad something to eat on the go
  61. I am grateful for the doctors and nurses caring for my dad because he’s improving
  62. I am grateful for the opportunity to go on radio because it was outside my comfort zone and I did it anyway
  63. I am grateful for being able to spend time with my son because we visited dad in hospital then went to the cinema afterwards
  64. I am grateful that my Dad’s going to be ok, because I worry about him
  65. I am grateful for the Facebook group that showed me two websites for working with reporters because my goal for the year is to be more visible
  66. I am grateful for the dishwasher because it saves so much time
  67. I am grateful for my mobile phone because it means that I can keep in touch with my family
  68. I am grateful for the journey that I’m on because I’m learning what it means to live a life honouring your values
  69. I am grateful for rainbows because they cheered me up yesterday
  70. I am grateful for the realisation that I can be organised because it means that everything will have a place
  71. I am grateful for the vacuum cleaner because dust affects my asthma
  72. I am grateful for early mornings because I can chill and catch up
  73. I am grateful for moisturising cream because my skin was dry
  74. I am grateful for the progress I’m making tidying up because the house is starting to look good
  75. I am grateful that I value colour because I’m making choices that honour this value
  76. I am grateful for the central heating because when it’s cold outside, the house is lovely and warm
  77. I am grateful for April fools day because there were so many jokes around
  78. I am grateful for my bed, because it’s so comfortable
  79. I am grateful to be a member of the High Achievers Network because I have a range of people whose skills I can draw on
  80. I am grateful for the Public Health Nurses because they came and checked on dad after he left the hospital
  81. I am grateful for the out of hours doctor because she could see how ill dad was and called an ambulance
  82. I am grateful for the ambulance service because they got dad to hospital safely
  83. I am grateful for the MRI that found my husbands tumor because now it can be removed
  84. I am grateful for the surgeons skill because my husband will get better
  85. I am grateful that my Dad’s ok, because I can visit my husband without feeling guilty that I’m not visiting my dad
  86. I am grateful that I knew a cleaner because I don’t have time at the moment for cleaning
  87. I am grateful for positive affirmations because I should really be stressed out and I’m not
  88. I am grateful for the friend who helped me move things around in the house so that my Dad has his own room
  89. I am grateful for the view from my house because the sunsets can be stunning
  90. I am grateful for chocolate because some days you just need it
  91. I am grateful to be able to walk because I see my husband struggle and I no longer take it for granted
  92. I am grateful for the local rubbish dump because I can recycle some of my stuff
  93. I am grateful for my sons bike because he can ride and get some exercise
  94. I am grateful for my neighbours because when they saw an ambulance they didn’t stare, they asked what they could do to help
  95. I am grateful for a friend I could count on to collect my son from school when I was running late
  96. I am grateful that  we live in a safe area because the news on tv can be quite scary
  97. I am grateful for the experienced that have taught me what is important to me
  98. I am grateful for the Quality Coaching Circle because I can develop as a coach
  99. I am grateful that I can read because both my son and my husband are dyslexic and struggle with this
  100. I am grateful that I can afford to pay for books because I love to read
  101. I am grateful for the journey that I’m on because only now can I truly appreciate it

I could go on, and still maintain a journal, but this gives you a flavour of what has been happening in my life.

What are you grateful for?

Take care for now

Karen x