6 years ago, I wrote my first book. It was called “How to optimize your LinkedIn profile”. It was an ebook that did really well when it was free, but when it wasn’t, then there was crickets!

Since then I’ve published a few more books, all non-fiction. First around social media, then around happiness and the habits that help you get there. Now I’m helping people get their own book out there.

There are many reasons I encourage people to write their own book, and here are just some of the reasons why:

You’ve got a story to tell

One of the many reasons that people are called to write, is simply because they have a story to tell. It may be their own story or even a fictional story, but the words are there and they’re crying to get out.

The funny thing is, when the words aren’t spoken, we feel alone in our experience, but once they’re released, we suddenly find that what we had to say stuck a cord with someone else, and not only aren’t you alone, but there’s a whole group of people out there going through something similar who needed to hear that they’re not alone too.

You want to help someone else

Personally I believe that we were put on this planet to help each other out. That’s why we each have different skills and expertise. So that we can share it with others in order to build something bigger and better.

If you’ve found a way to do something that will help others, then you really should really share your knowledge and help others reach a higher potential than before.

It’s therapeutic

Many autobiographies and memoires started of as someone journaling in a notebook. It’s a very therapeutic way to process your day and make sense of it.

It’s one heck of an achievement

Writing a book can take anywhere from a few minutes for a low content book to a few years to write and publish a classic. However, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. When you have your own book in your hand, then you have risen to the ranks of those people who don’t just talk about it, but do it.

It’s much better than a business card!

Business cards are great. They’re portable, cheap and you can hand them out anywhere.

But when you go to an event with your own book, you have something that you can give to a few key people that will make you memorable to them. Not only did you introduce yourself to them, and gave them a gift, but you’ve made a connection on a higher level. Now they’re much less likely to forget your name, and certainly won’t throw away your book.

There are loads of reasons why you might want to write a book, but if you do, then get into touch.

You can schedule a call with me via bit.ly/coffee-with-Karen, or message me via my Facebook page. Either way, I’d love to hear from you.