As you know, affirmations are one of my Happy Habits, but they are also helping me build my business. It’s weird but then again maybe not, when you think that affirmations are the antidote to limiting beliefs, and limiting beliefs stop you making progress in all sorts of areas in your life. In this post, I’ll share seven hidden benefits of positive affirmations.

You probably already know that affirmations can be powerful tools for helping you reach specific goals. But did you know that building a regular affirmation practice can have all sorts of side benefits? Affirmations can even have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing!

1. They help you be more mindful

Affirmations are all made in the present, so they help you focus on what’s going on now.

For example, one that I use whenever I receive money is: “Thank you universe, I love receiving money…”

2. They help you be open to receiving

When you use affirmations, you are choosing what you want in your life, and you start by affirming that you are open to welcoming into your life. They then become self-fulfilling prophecies.

3. They change your perspective

When you choose your affirmations, you are choosing what you want to focus on in your life. You are choosing something positive and focusing on it.

4. They change your mindset

As I’ve said in a previous post, the repeated and consistent use of positive affirmations actually creates changes in the structure of your brain. Neural pathways are created and strengthened. You have the power to hard-wire yourself to have a positive attitude.

5. They can impact on others

When you keep showing up with a positive mindset, then this affects other people. It may be that it inspires them to adopt this practice themselves or it may help them realise that you have a choice in how you react to things. Either way, having a positive attitude will impact other people.

6. They affect your physical wellbeing

Research has shown that people who use affirmations as part of their mindfulness practice are less anxious and depressed and can bounce back quicker. In addition, because they are better able to respond to stress, their blood pressure is lower and this has a knock-on effect on their heart health.

7. They compliment your gratitude practice

When you combine affirmations and practising gratitude you find that they exacerbate each other. It’s almost like 1 +1 =3. Not only do you look and see the good in the world, you also appreciate it and create a powerful virtuous cycle.

So, what do you think? These are my 7 hidden benefits of positive affirmations. Could you add more?