LinkedIn have been making some changes to the platform recently, and one of them that will impact on everyone with a profile is the LinkedIn Update – Skills and Expertise section.You can now:

  • choose if you want to be endorsed
  • choose if you want to see suggestions of who and what to endorse
  • choose to get notifications if you have been endorsed
  • change around the skills themselves, putting them into the order that you want, rather than those most endorsed
To make any changes to you profile, go to [Profile], [Edit profile] and scroll down to your Skills and Expertise section.  Click on “Edit”.
You can set up your Skills and Endorsements settings.Just tick what you want to keep.
LinkedIn Update - Skills and Expertise

As before, you can add or remove different skills.Just type in the skill and click on [Add].Remember, you can have up to 50 skills.
LinkedIn Update - Skills and Expertise

You can choose to hide endorsements from specific people if you want to. Just untick them.
LinkedIn Update - Skills and Expertise

You can now drag and drop each skill and change the order that they are displayed in.This allows you to highlight the skills that are important to you, that you would like people to actually see and potentially endorse.As you
LinkedIn Update - Skills and Expertise

Here you can see that I’ve moved some newer or hidden skills up, so that they are more prominent.My skills section now better reflects what I’m doing at the moment.
LinkedIn Update - Skills and Expertise

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