I don’t know if it’s a Catholic thing or an Irish thing, but every year over here, we have a mass said for a person who has gone before us.

In my family, so many people have passed away in March that we’d almost take up all the weekends that month if we didn’t have just one mass for all of them!

However we do it, March is a time for me to remember all those close to me that I’ve lost, but especially my sister. Whilst my mum passed away at this time, it’s my sister I miss most.

She wasn;t just my sister, she was my best friend.

She and I would talk practically ever day. 

She was my sounding board, the shoulder I could cry on and the support that I could rely on.

Until I couldn’t.

She passed away when she was only 40 and never knew it was coming.

She had plans, hopes and dreams, not just for herself, but also for her son.

She expected to watch him grow up, get married and have a family.

He was her most precious love.

She has been gone 12 years now, and yet her spirit is like a guardian angel sitting on my left shoulder.

She comes to me in my dreams for a chat and to help me get clear on things.

I can close my eyes and visualise myself listening to her inate wisdom, telling me I can do better, than I am good enough.

It’s been 12 years, but I still miss her.

Night night sis.

Love you x