Normally, I would set goals at the beginning of the year, and I did. But my change in circumstances means I now have more time to work towards the goals that are important to me. So now I’m setting some new goals. I call it Project: Get a Life!

New goals

Homeschooling goals

This month, the main goals is to change dads former bedroom into a place my son can work in peace.

To do this we want to:

  • paint the room
  • replace the carpet
  • remove the wardrobe and dressing table
  • add a wall of bookcases, a desk and reclining chair
  • add pictures and posters

In addition:

  • my son has 2 adventure camp weeks booked
  • he wants to learn how to knit and Japanese
  • we will meet up with other home schooling families at least twice during the month
  • make progress on my sons reading, working through the Toe by Toe book
  • visit at least 1 heritage site
  • complete at least 4 experiments

Health goals

This month, my main goal is to increase my activity. I’ve been mainly housebound for the last year, so some fresh air and long walks would be good. I also want to increase my vegetable in take. One change at a time.

Spiritual goals

This month, I want to practice self-healing. I have completed numerous courses on Reiki, but with all the pollen around, my asthma has kept flaring up and I couldn’t practice as much as I wanted.

I also want to:

  • develop my knowledge around crystal healing
  • complete my angel practitioner course.
  • attend a workshop on bio energy, with the intent of potentially doing a diploma in this area.

Business goals

Whilst I’m taking time out to deal with my grief and my dad’s estate, this month I want to:

  • get clear on what my business will involve, my core message and how I can help my clients
  • create the business framework I want to make this work
  • set up my healing room. This will largely involve packing up and removing dad’s things.
  • start blogging again, writing one blog post a week
  • develop one email opt in, publish it and start building a new email list
  • re-publish my Facebook page

I have already signed up to attend a number of different networking events, allowing me to get out and meet people again. I have also signed up to a money mastermind business group on Facebook.

Money goals

My main goal this month is to reduce my spending and develop a budget that I can work with, and stick to. This will clarify how much my business will need to bring in, in due course.

Fun goals

One of the fun goals I want to achieve this month is to ride a segway. There is a place not far from us that does this, but we’ve never had the opportunity. I also want to knit a scarf with my son and read a couple of books.

So these are my new goals for this month. The joy of being a life coach is that I know I can make them happen. Project: Get a Life begins!