This week has been a week of amazing talks. For the first time, my “TED talk habit” feels natural and not forced. It’s taken a long time, but by utilising Shawn Achor’s suggestion of making it as easy as possible to develop a habit, this one really clicked. Each morning, I’ve had my cup of tea, taken my tablets, completed my gratitude journal and then watched a TED talk. I love that I can develop the habit of developing positive habits.

These are the talks that I’ve watched this week. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.

Reshma Saujani: Teach girls bravery, not perfection. One of the all-time best talks. Reshma is truly inspirational in what she hopes to achieve.

[ted id=2448]


Edith Widder: How we found the giant squid. The images on this talk are superb. When you see the squid for the first time, you’ll get what I mean.

[ted id=1684]


Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator. This guy could have been talking about me! However, my personal life coach knows this about me, so we always include deadlines in any goals we set. That way, I know what I should be doing before we meet next, and I get things done.

[ted id=2458]


Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits. One of the most inspiring talks I’ve seen. Amy Purdy hasn’t let what happened to her slow her down. Warning: you will need tissues to watch this one.

[ted id=1285]


Ben Ambridge: 10 Myths about psychology, debunked. Personally quite surprised at the myths that were shown to be just that. A little but of truth in some of them seemed to have become “truth” until they were investigated and then invalidated.

[ted id=2178]


Jaap de Roode: How butterflies self-medicate. This is a really cool talk about how butterflies choose which leaves to lay their eggs on and how its helps their young.

[ted id=2181]


Richard St John: Success is a continuous journey. A great talk that basically reminds us that it is only when we give up do we truly fail. Up until then, everything is an experience that you can learn from.

[ted id=572]

Take care for now