This week, I kept with the theme of using the TED app to surprise me, and asked it to show me a series of beautiful TED talks. In this category, I found the definition of beautiful covered music and and visual projects.

Here’s my week of beautiful TED talks:

Ethel: A string quartet plays “Blue Room”. Apparently, Blue Room was written by Paul Kline as part of a four-part suite of music. This was a short talk but the violin in the background was superb. This may not be to everyone’s taste, but the aim of my TED habit is to broaden my mind, and this did that.

[ted id=138]


Thomas Heatherwick: Building the seed cathedral. This is beautiful and jaw-dropping! Thomas Heatherfield has designed some absolutely amazing buildings and projects. When you see the bridge, you’ll wonder why no-one has done this before, and when you see the apartment buildings, you’ll want to live there. The seed cathedral itself is just wow.

[ted id=1147]


Gavin Pretor-Pinney: Cloudy with a chance of joy. Looks at clouds differently. They’re not just the things that get in the way of the sun. They have a beauty of their own.

[ted id=1780]


Miwa Matreyek: Glorious visions in animation and performance. Wow. Just wow.

[ted id=995]


Peter Diamandis: Stephen Hawking’s zero g flight.

[ted id=292]


Candy Chang: Before I die I want to… What happened when Candy Chang turned an abandoned house into a giant chalkboard asking a fill-in-the-blank question: “Before I die I want to ___.” The wall became a voice for people’s dreams and aspirations, and so much more. How would you fill in the blank?

[ted id=1553]


Clint Smith: The danger of silence. Oh my goodness. This is one of the most powerful, and yes beautiful, talks I’ve come across in the 3 months I’ve been building my TED habit.

[ted id=2059]


These talks have been so amazing, jaw-dropping and beautiful, that I think, next week, I’ll select from this list again. After all, who doesn’t need beauty in their life?

Take care for now

Karen x