As a writer, are you wondering whether creating a second version of your book for Kindle is worth your time?

Once you’ve created a book for print, it doesn’t take many tweaks to make your book available as an ebook as well as a print book. In fact, because your book has so much formatting already done, it’s easier to turn a print book into an ebook than the other way round. So why should you try?

The question is, how does the popularity of Amazon Kindle affect you as an author?

Firstly, the Kindle is a compact and, most importantly, portable device. Most of us hold our Kindle with two hands, as we would a book, but it is small enough that really, we only need the one. For some, an e-reader cannot replace the tactile feel of a real book and that is one of the reasons why e-books have a specific market. However, the Amazon Kindle delivers more in one device than a single book can. The Kindle has opened the market for e-books and therefore your personal earning potential.

Secondly, the Amazon Kindle is lightweight. This e-reader weighs a tiny 10.3 ounces. It is lighter than most paperback novels! But instead of being one story, an Amazon Kindle can hold hundreds of books on one device with an additional storage card available if necessary. The ability to own so many books, means those with e-readers are more likely to buy more e-books simply because they can. There is no extra weight piled onto a reader with the more you buy!

Furthermore, the Amazon Kindle is equipped with Whispernet. This is the technology which allows users to browse the Kindle store and make a purchase while on their commute, at home, or on their lunch break. There are no cables required and no syncing your e-reader to your computer. For authors, this works heavily to your advantage, as readers make more impulse purchases this way and therefore buy on a whim. If a reader finds themselves suddenly without a job, they may search the Kindle Store for how-to books on how to save money, write a CV, sit an interview, or find a new job. These impromptu searches can make you a sale.

Finally, the Amazon Kindle has adjustable text size which is a big plus for many readers, including me! The ability to change the size of the text of your e-book means readers of all ages can easily adjust the text to suit their needs. This allows you to target a vast market, including those with disabilities or poor eyesight who no longer need to struggle with reading poor text. Many with reading difficulties often avoid e-books but with Amazon Kindle, automatically adjusting the entire text by the click of a button, includes them in your potential readership.

Without a doubt, the Amazon Kindle has various features which make it a unique and worthwhile device to own. The benefits of the Kindle are good news for authors who want to self-publish. E-books will always be in high demand, as long as the Kindle holds its popularity, which has yet to wane in any way.